Stubborn tummy fat is a common aesthetic concern among men and women. MORPHEUS8 in NYC is an ideal procedure to reverse the effects of time on your face and body. MORPHEUS8 treatment for abdomen is used to target skin laxity in the tummy area. This FDA-approved device combines two proven technologies – Radiofrequency (RF) treatment (using controlled heat to tighten lax skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles) and Microneedling (using fine needles to prick the skin and stimulate new tissue growth, minimizing scars and wrinkles).

While MORPHEUS8 is designed for smaller areas, MORPHEUS8 body is for larger areas and deeper tissue treatments.

Tightening loose skin non-invasively has never been easier! Watch these videos where bodySCULPT® surgeons performing MORPHEUS8 on the abdomen.

Christopher Chia Performing Morpheus8 on the Abdomen to Tighten a Patient’s Skin

Using the MORPHEUS8 RF multi-level micro-needling device with automated “BURST MODE”, non-invasive skin tightening was successfully performed on this healthy, non-smoking 51-year-old male. A topical cream was applied on the treatment area.

Here’s a video showing bodySCULPT plastic surgeon performing Morpheus8 on the lower abdomen of a female patient.