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Tips for Healthier Legs

Tips for Healthier Legs

Most women tend to focus on how to make their legs look better and glamorous. However, it’s also important to have healthier legs as this will help prevent leg-related conditions such as spider veins to muscle cramps. What’s more, healthier legs will also stronger and more attractive. Here are valuable tips for healthy legs …More

Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

Staying Healthy in Winter

Winter is approaching and to stay healthy, you need to ensure that your immune system is in top condition. Unlike the other seasons, it is more challenging to stay fit in winter as it is a cold and flu season too. Here are some tips that can help you and your family stay fit and healthy this winter. Staying active during winter is vital for our health …More

Celebrate World Health Day on April 7 – Learn to Beat Diabetes

World Health Day

World Health Day is observed on April 7, the founding day of the World Health Organization (WHO). Every year a theme is selected to draw attention to a current world health issue, and in 2016, the focus is on tackling diabetes. WHO has indicated that the goal of the campaign is to trigger a set of explicit, effective and reasonable actions to tackle …More

Men and Weight Loss – What to Eat to Stay Slim and Healthy

Men and Weight Loss

Doctors usually recommend a healthy diet together with regular exercise to lose weight and stay slim and healthy. The many changes in lifestyle have contributed to excessive weight gain in men and women and people are looking for smart ways to restore their toned looks. According to experts, the diet chart for men and women …More

Fighting Osteoarthritis – What to Eat to Improve the Condition

Fighting Osteoarthritis

A number of lifestyle factors such as diet, weight, exercise, and previous injury can all contribute to the risk of developing osteoarthritis. So making necessary dietary and lifestyle changes can have a great impact on the prevention and management of the disease. In addition to following regular exercise and maintaining good lifestyle habits, the right …More

Debunking Some Common Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Obesity and overweight are common problems, affecting millions of people in many countries across the world. A rising awareness of the health issues that can result from being overweight as well as the desire to improve their physical appearance has led to people setting lofty weight loss goals. Weight loss strategies abound. However, losing weight … More

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