Brazilian Butt Lift – Before & After Photos

Expert plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT® utilize highly advanced augmentation techniques to enhance and contour the butt and improve your overall appearance. Brazilian butt lift is provided using safe VASER technology that breaks up fat selectively, while preserving other structures such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Here you can find a few before and after pictures of Brazilian Butt Lift done at our Manhattan, New York City (NYC) facility. Dr Spero J Theodorou and Christopher T Chia are among the first plastic surgeons in New York to perform Brazilian Butt Lift under local anesthesia.

Performed under local anesthesia, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves fat transfer liposuction, where fat is taken from other areas of the body and the donor fat cells are injected into the buttocks. The 3D imaging facility helps to visualize the procedure outcome.

Before and after surgery images show the stunning transformation our patient has achieved with the VASER Brazilian butt lift. Results vary with each patient.

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