Aesthetic Features of an Attractive Bellybutton Revealed

In plastic surgery, even minute changes can make a big difference. A skilled surgeon pays attention to even the smallest details to provide impressive results. Take umbilicus reconstruction in abdominoplasty, the liposuction procedure to remove excess fat from and contour the abdomen. The bellybutton is reconstructed. According to a recent report, researchers in Singapore have come up with specific, definable aesthetic features for reconstructing the umbilicus in lipoabdominoplasty.

In their paper published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, they used special software to evaluate the vertical and horizontal positions, length and shape of 37 Playboy playmate bellybuttons. The parameters of a “beautiful” umbilicus according to the study are

  • Vertical ratio (xiphoid process-lower limit of the pudendal cleft) of 46:54
  • Midline horizontal position
  • Length equaling 5% of that of the xiphoid process to the lower limit of the pudendal cleft
  • Oval shape
  • No hooding (29.8%) or superior hooding (21.6%)

The researchers point out that going by these parameters to plan the position, shape, and size of the umbilicus is a useful consideration when reconstructing the umbilicus during lipoabdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among men and women. It provides a trimmer, well-shaped abdomen by resolving a pot belly, stretching of the abdominal area and loose skin after childbirth, and flaccidity following excessive weight loss. As the umbilicus is a key aesthetic element of abdomen, its position, shape and depth would have a significant impact on the outcome of the tummy tuck procedure and patient satisfaction.