If a healthy diet and exercise are proving ineffective to burn belly fat and help you achieve your goal of a trim, toned midsection, consider abdominoplasty in NYC.

Stubborn abdominal fat and loose skin is usually the result of factors such as pregnancy, massive weight loss, or genetics. Our plastic surgeons remove excess skin and fat, and tighten the muscles, and thus improves the overall appearance and shape of your abdomen.

At bodySCULPT®, a leading plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York (NYC), we can provide customized treatment to meet your specific goals.


The procedure involves making incisions to remove the excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles. Based on the extent of correction required, there are different approaches such as:

  • Full abdominoplasty
  • Mini abdominoplasty
  • High lateral tension abdominoplasty

After a comprehensive evaluation of your anatomy and specific aesthetic goals, our plastic surgeons will recommend the most suitable option for you. Tummy tuck surgery in New York is a key element of the mommy makeover we offer.


We also offer fat transfer procedures along with tummy tuck procedure for women who want to improve the size and shape of the buttocks. The excess fat that is extracted from the abdomen is processed and transferred to the buttocks to provide the desired volume. Our surgeons utilize advanced, minimally-invasive liposuction modalities which reduce surgical trauma. As the patient’s own body fat is used, the chances of rejection are minimal. The fat grafting technique is ideal for women who want to avoid the use of buttock implants.

Look Your Best with a Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Our surgeons also offer an innovative approach called the Brazilian tummy tuck which provides many additional benefits in terms of outcome, efficiency, and downtime. In this case, the incision is positioned very low so that the scar remains hidden when you are wearing a bikini. This cosmetic surgery procedure also pulls the waist in and makes it smaller, thereby improving the outcome. Moreover, as the pubic area is lifted, women benefit from fewer episodes of incontinence. You can enjoy the results with a downtime of just 10 days.

ABDOMINOPLASTY IN NYC – Frequently asked Questions

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that addresses excess fat and skin in the abdominal area and provides a firm, trim midsection. The procedure also restores weakened or separated muscles. There are different types of tummy tuck surgery based on the extent of correction required.

You may be a suitable candidate for the procedure if you are healthy and close to your ideal weight, and have any of the following concerns:

  • Loose, sagging skin that remains after pregnancy, excessive weight loss or liposuction surgery
  • Stretched or weak abdominal muscles due to aging, heredity, pregnancy, or prior surgery
  • Pockets of stubborn fat in the abdominal area

bodySCULPT provides tummy tuck in NYC for both men and women. Men usually tend to store excess fat in the abdominal region. The procedure is a popular option among men who want to tighten and tone their midsection after weight loss surgery. However, a tummy tuck will not improve the appearance of the mid-section of men who have large amounts of intra-abdominal fat (fat beneath the abdominal wall) which is located in the space around their organs.

Tummy tuck surgery in New York generally takes one to three hours to complete, depending upon the extent of the extent of changes made. The recovery time would also vary based on anatomical considerations, the conditions addressed, surgical techniques, and other factors. The complete recovery period after liposuction-only treatment is generally about one week. Your surgeon will recommend the level of physical activity at each stage of recovery. Usually, patients can return to work a few days after the treatment.

To minimize pain following the surgery, our surgeons employ the ON-Q PainBuster® pain relief system. The pump delivers local anesthetic continuously to the treatment site so that there is no pain for the first five days. The use of this non-narcotic automatic pump significantly reduces downtime, improves mobility, and speeds up return to normalcy.

The answer to this question depends on how well you maintain your tummy tuck outcome. Results can last many years if you put in right efforts to maintain your outcomes. Weight changes, pregnancy can affect the results. Aging also may have an impact on the outcome as the tissues become lax over time, though not to the extent before the surgery.

This depends on the area where the stretch marks are present. Stretch marks can be improved to some extent if they are located in the areas of excess skin that is excised.

Any kind of surgery comes with certain risks and side effects. Minor swelling and bruising are quite common after this procedure,   and these will usually resolve soon. You may be advised to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and to support the abdomen as it heals.


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Why bodySCULPT®?

Tummy tuck in New York at our AAAASF-accredited practice comes with the following benefits:

  • A firm, tight, attractive abdomen
  • A narrower waist
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Reduced surgical trauma
  • Reduced downtime
  • Quicker recovery
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Committed follow-up
  • Virtual consultation facility
  • Use of 3D simulation technologies

Abdominoplasty in NYC - Schedule Consultation

To schedule a consultation with the best abdominoplasty surgeon in NYC, reach out to bodySCULPT! Our expert will answer all your questions and guide you in making an informed decision. Our support staff are dedicated to providing every patient with personalized care and a comfortable treatment experience – right from start to complete recovery.

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