Are You a Good Candidate for Pectoral Implant Surgery?

Pectoral Implant SurgeryMany men desire a fuller, athletic-looking chest and spend hours at the gym trying to achieve this attribute. However, factors such as genetics, growth defects injury and medical conditions may defeat their efforts to achieve a toned, sculpted chest. Fortunately, pectoral implant surgery offers the solution. A popular aesthetic procedure for men, pec implant surgery involves placing a solid silicone implant under the chest muscle to result in a sculpted, well-proportioned masculine torso.

Made of solid silicone, pec implant surgery can create an athletic-looking chest. The procedure enhances the bulk and projection of the chest muscles to provide a thicker, fuller look. Pec implants look and feel remarkably natural, greatly improving a man’s self-confidence. The procedure might be right for you if you:

  • Are self-conscious about the lack of definition in your pectoral muscles or simply looking to improve volume in the pectoral region
  • Have an underdeveloped chest
  • Have asymmetrical development of the chest muscles
  • Lack muscle type which allows enlarging the chest with exercise
  • Are in good health to handle the procedure and recovery
  • Are emotionally stable and have realistic expectations about the outcomes

Once your candidature is determined, it’s important that you discuss your expectations and cosmetic goals with your surgeon. Experienced surgeons offer custom chest implants to help patients achieve the desired chest size and a toned, sculpted look.

In technologically advanced surgery practices, pectoral implant surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and needs just one to two hours to complete. After numbing the treatment area., the surgeon will make an incision in the crease of the armpit and create a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle. The implant is placed in the pocket and sutures are used to reconnect the muscle lining and close the skin. The sutures will dissolve over time. During the healing process, the implant becomes surrounded by the scar tissue pocket, where it stays permanently.

But before you undergo pec implant surgery, there are some important things that you should do to prepare for the procedure. Usually, the treatment causes only minimal injury to blood vessels, nerves, tendons and other tissues, and comes with a short recovery period. Patients can return to their routine activities within two weeks of the procedure but have to wait up to two months to resume exercises. Proper post-operative care can give you quick and better results, but it can vary based on individual aspects.

To determine your candidature for pectoral implant surgery, consult a reliable NYC plastic surgeon. AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices have surgeons who are skilled in performing male pectoral implant procedures on bodybuilders as well as on people with genetic and physical flaws. Pec implants for men come in different sizes and shapes. An experienced surgeon can determine the best option for you and will also have the artistic skills to provide attractive, natural looking results.