Fat Grafting – A Truly Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Technique

Fat GraftingEver since fat grafting was introduced as a cosmetic surgery technique, autologous tissue is being used in a variety of ways in place of implants, dermal fillers, and injectables. NYC plastic surgeons are excited about how fat is helping them get creative. Let’s take a look at what the fat transfer procedure involves and how it is used to provide realistic, natural-looking, attractive cosmetic outcomes for various procedures.

What the Fat Transfer Procedure Involves

This minimally-invasive procedure can be performed in the surgical suite of a plastic surgeon’s office. It is the ideal option for women who want to avoid the use of implants or artificial fillers and has fat to spare in identified donor sites.

  • The patient is administered local anesthesia
  • Liposuction is performed to extract fat from the donor site – where it is abundantly available
  • The removed fat cells are purified and processed
  • The fat is strategically injected into the site that needs enhancement, which could be the breasts, buttocks, lips or face.

There is virtually no scarring associated with the procedure. Removal and injection of the fat require just micro incisions which fade away after a few months.

Cosmetic Procedures That Use Fat Injections

The rising popularity of Brazilian butt lift proves just how effective fat transfer can be. In NYC plastic surgery practices, the surgeons use safe VASER technology to remove the fat. This technique breaks up fat selectively, while preserving other structures such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue for use in fat transfer.

Fat grafting is also used to add volume to breasts in the composite breast augmentation procedure. This is an ideal solution for women who want a natural-looking improvement for breast size and shape. This technique offers the best of both worlds by combining fat injections and implants. When you have insufficient breast tissue it may be difficult to hold the implants, and this combination treatment becomes effective and gives an attractive-looking outcome. Fat injections are also used in lip and cheek augmentation.

So while excess fat was once viewed as something that needed to be removed to improve body contour, these exciting new uses are proving that it could have great prospects in the realm of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. Leading NYC surgeons offer fat transfer along liposuction treatment – women who come in for lipo are asked whether they would like to have the removed fat transferred to areas that need more volume like the breasts and buttocks. Recent statistics show that its use is growing – The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that buttock augmentation with fat grafting stood at 11,505 procedures in 2014, up 15 percent from 2013.

The attractiveness of fat as a filler is that it easily available, inexpensive, long-lasting, provides a natural look and feel, and has reduced rejection risks. There are new methods for extracting and preserving fat. Adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRC) extracted during liposuction can be cryogenically frozen and stored for later use. Using stem cells to enhance the fat before it is injected into the body can make results last longer.

However, as with all advanced aesthetic treatments, results would depend on the plastic surgeon who performs the liposuction-fat transfer procedure. Surgical expertise and the use of the right technology and techniques are paramount for safe treatment and pleasing outcomes.