Is It Possible To Have Breast Enlargement Surgery When You Have Cold Symptoms?

Breast Enlargement SurgeryManhattan plastic surgery practices offer safe and effective breast enlargement surgery. Women can choose from various types of implants to increase the fullness of the breasts, improve symmetry, or restore depleted breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy. In addition to having realistic expectations, a good candidate for the treatment would need to be fit and healthy. But what happens if you develop cold symptoms just before your breast augmentation procedure? Can you still have the treatment?

A person who is medically evaluated, found fit for the treatment, and scheduled for surgery on a certain date could fall ill one or two days prior to procedure. This is not an uncommon. So many patients ask their surgeon whether it would be possible to proceed with the treatment if they fell sick just before the scheduled date. The answer is that this would depend on individual symptoms.

Generally speaking, patients who are having elective surgery should be at their optimal level of health before going ahead. It is especially important that there patients do not have breathing difficulties or active source of infection present. If you have an elevated temperature or aggravated cold or cough with symptoms like wheezing and generalized illness, it is most likely that your breast augmentation surgery will be postponed. Your cold could worsen due to the stress of anesthesia and surgery. A chronic cough can create significant discomfort in the post-operative period. In the worst case, you could develop an infection at the surgical site. Illness can complicate the post-operative phase.

Your plastic surgeon, internist and/or anesthesia provider are the relevant resources when it comes to determining your ability to proceed and the medications you should take if you develop cold symptoms before breast implant surgery.  For a reliable Manhattan surgeon, your safety will be the top priority.