Saline-filled IDEAL IMPLANT – An Ideal Choice for Breast Augmentation

IDEAL IMPLANTWomen desiring to increase their breast volume and improve overall appearance can choose from FDA-approved, safe and effective breast implants. These include saline, silicone or gummy bear implants. Now women have one more innovative option-FDA-approved IDEAL IMPLANT which is the latest in implant technology. They come with a unique design, feature an internal structure and offer a natural feel.

Women are often apprehensive about the silent rupture of implants, which need not be a concern with this new choice. The internal structure controls the movement of the saline, and its design reduces folding and wrinkling which in turn minimizes the chances of implant rupture and deflation.

Unique Design and Safe Materials

IDEAL IMPLANT has a unique design – a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers that hold the saline filler. This design was arrived at after years of research and testing. The edges have been lowered on the outside for better contouring to the chest wall. This breast implant is made from safe and proven breast implant materials and manufacturing processes. It does not use silicone gel or new materials and consists of multiple silicone shells within an outer shell. IDEAL IMPLANT has two valves that fill the device with saline.

What Makes Them Ideal?

  • IDEAL IMPLANT is available in a variety of sizes and women can be flexible in their choice
  • It combines the best aspects of saline and silicone implants
  • Its net shell nature minimizes the chances of bouncing
  • It is multi-layered and provides better stability

A majority of subjects in the clinical study expressed satisfaction and enjoyed favorable outcomes, and so those choosing these implants can hope for a pleasant treatment experience.

Women at least 18 years of age can consider IDEAL IMPLANT as a breast augmentation option. This would be an ideal choice whether your objective is to make your breasts larger, or if you want to correct or improve the outcome of a primary breast augmentation. One could say its design combines the natural appearance offered by silicone gel and the safety of saline. However, choose an established plastic surgery practice and a skilled surgeon to perform the surgery to experience safe and natural-looking results. Advanced plastic surgery practices offer 3D imaging by which you can visualize the results and thus take a confident decision.