Top Benefits Of Scarless Breast Lift: A Minimally-Invasive Way To Address Droopy Breasts

Aging, gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding are the key factors that cause loss of skin elasticity and result in flat, sagging breasts. A breast lift can restore the natural youthful shape of the breasts. However, conventional surgery involves incisions and scars, which makes most women hesitant to go ahead with the procedure. Today, scarless breast lift in NYC performed using BodyTite can help women achieve beautiful firm, perky, youthful looking breasts – without the long incisions, scars or excessive downtime associated with surgery.

Breast Lift

The procedure eliminates excess skin and tissue, resolves droopiness, and elevates the breasts to an aesthetically pleasing position. The key benefits of this BodyTite breast lift procedure are:

  • Reshapes the breasts to a more youthful contour without invasive surgical methods
  • Improves breast symmetry
  • Immediate skin tightening, with results continuing to improve over time
  • Improved skin structure with collagen production
  • Needs only local anesthesia, which means lower anesthesia-related risks and short downtime
  • Shorter recovery time than the traditional breast lift
  • Natural looking, long-lasting results

BodyTite in NYC is a minimally invasive procedure takes less time to perform than a surgical breast lift. The FDA-approved BodyTite™ device uses Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) technology and provides superior skin tightening benefits. The system stimulates the production of subsurface collagen fibers to improve skin structure. Unlike traditional breast lift surgery that requires general anesthesia, the scarless procedure requires only local anesthesia and provides excellent results without significant downtime or weeks of recovery.

The surgeon begins the procedure by applying the BodyTite electrode to the treatment area. The device’s cannula is carefully inserted beneath the skin through a small incision. The electrode and cannula work together to deliver radiofrequency energy, which provides immediate skin contraction, and simultaneously increase the production of collagen to improve skin’s structure, thereby providing a better outcome. BodyTite reshapes and lifts the breasts without the scarring associated with a surgical breast lift. The highlight of the treatment is that it provides immediate, natural-looking results with minimal risk and downtime.

If you are considering a scarless breast lift procedure, find a New York City plastic surgery practice with AAAASF-accreditation and offer the service of plastic surgeons who are well-trained in using BodyTite technology. An experienced surgeon will evaluate your anatomical considerations and provide customized treatment to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Leading practices are equipped with advanced 3D imaging technology which allows patients to visualize the outcomes of their procedure and take an informed decision.