What is the Best Sleeping Position after Arm Lift Surgery?

Flabby upper arms or bat wings are a common aesthetic concern among women. Caused by factors such as weight loss, heredity, and natural aging, loose workouts exercise. An arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can address saggy skin under the upper arms. Traditional arm lift surgery can address flabby arms but is an invasive procedure that involves long scars and extensive downtime. Fortunately, today, women can now get a scarless arm lift. Leading plastic surgeons in NYC perform this minimally invasive procedure using BodyTite, an FDA approved radiofrequency assisted device. The procedure can help you achieve well-shaped arms without any long incisions or scars and comes with minimal downtime and short recovery. How you sleep after arm lift is important aspect of recovery and results.

Arm Lift Surgery

Regardless of whether you get invasive or minimally-invasive arm lift surgery, you should give your body time to heal properly. Your body needs proper rest and sleep for smooth and quick recovery. Getting enough sleep after any plastic surgery procedure is a critical part of the healing process. This largely depends on maintaining a comfortable sleeping position during the recovery phase. Following arm lift surgery, patients will be advised to sleep on their back (not on stomach or side) with their head elevated for at least the first two weeks. The arms must also be kept elevated with the help of pillows for the first 72 hours after arm lift surgery. Keeping the arms elevated would ensure drainage of fluids from the upper extremities and reduce inflammation in the surrounding soft tissue.

To make your sleeping position more comfortable, consider using a recliner for the initial few weeks after arm lift surgery. If you do not have a recliner, you can sleep on a sofa or use a 45-degree wedge on the bed while keeping your arms elevated with pillows and slightly bending the elbows.

Traditional arm lift surgery, also known as brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that creates a more aesthetically-pleasing look for your arms by removing excess skin and contouring the connective tissues of the arms. On the other hand, a scarless arm lift contours the arm similar to a traditional armlift but without long incisions, scars and extensive downtime. For both procedures, proper care is critical during the recovery period. Patients would be advised to wear a compression garment to control swelling and avoid smoking before the surgery and during the recovery stage.

Today, expert plastic surgeons in NYC offer a noninvasive scarless arm lift using InMode EVOLVE. With this nonsurgical procedure, there is absolutely no pain, recovery period or downtime. Patients can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment. Improvements would become visible in as little as 2 weeks after the procedure.

If you are considering a scarless arm lift in NYC, make sure you choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that offers the service of plastic surgeons who are well-trained in all these techniques. A reliable surgeon will recommend the best option to help you achieve your aesthetic goals as well as guidance on how to manage recovery for the best results.

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