What Makes Vaser Hi Def Liposuction Special?

VASER Hi def liposuction or Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance Liposuction is a much sought after aesthetic procedure that is recognized for the benefits it provides. In traditional liposuction, fat is removed by suctioning it out from under the skin, which can be painful and complex. VASER’s innovative body contouring technique is scoring over the traditional method in popularity in terms of the impressive results together with safety, convenience and efficacy. This ultrasound technology offers unique advantages that distinguish it from existing technologies.

Spotting the Difference

VASER body sculpting stands apart with its special features and benefits. When we say benefits, they range right from the simple and speedy operation to the longevity of the impressive outcomes it offers.

  • This technique can be used to remove fat even from areas which are considered stubborn and known as “fibrous areas”. For example, the buttocks, lower abdomen, upper arms, and hips.
  • It is the ideal choice for those who want a quick recovery and low bruising. A considerable amount of fat can be removed effectively with a single treatment.
  • The blood loss in this process is relatively less and so is the damage to the neighbouring tissues.
  • The device easily distinguishes targeted fat from the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue and brings about outstanding results and faster healing.
  • Vaser Hi Def Liposculpture can be personalized for men looking to achieve six pack abs and muscle sculpting and women who want to benefit from a well-contoured, more feminine appearance.
  • Almost all body areas — abdomen, chest, hips/love handles, waist, back, thorax and arms — can be sculpted using this method.
  • This minimally invasive, wide-awake procedure offers improved skin retraction, giving a natural looking appearance.

Personalized care and support from a skilled and experienced surgeon is what matters the most when it comes to experiencing optimal results. However, one thing to be noted is that ultra sound liposuction is not a weight loss alternative but a safe body contouring option to remove excess pockets of body fat. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle after the treatment with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Only then can you hope to enjoy the excellent aesthetic results for long.