What Motivates Men to Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Male Plastic SurgeryAt one time, cosmetic surgery was exclusive to women who wanted to enhance their appearance and slow down the signs of aging. However, in the last decade or so, more and more men are opting to have cosmetic surgical treatments. There are many reasons for trend.

  • One dominant factor is the influence of the media. Reality shows in which celebrities discuss their plastic surgery experiences as well as discussions on new technologies have heightened awareness about less invasive surgeries and non-surgical rejuvenation options which men can choose from.
  • The negative stigma associated with cosmetic surgery no longer exists. Plastic surgery has gained wide acceptance. This could be the most important factor driving the demand for male cosmetic procedures.
  • The desire to stay competitive in the workplace is another important consideration. Many consider procedures to achieve what are thought to be masculine facial traits – a strong jawline, prominent brow, and a well-shaped nose – in addition to body contouring treatment.
  • New technology has also allayed safety concerns. The availability of advanced techniques that blend safety with efficiency allows men to go in for plastic surgery with greater confidence.

Popular male procedures include liposuction to resolve excess fat, gynecomastia treatment to achieve a masculine-looking chest, abdominal etching to get the six-pack look, and jaw lift surgery for a strong jaw line.