Women Prefer Mommy Makeovers to Stay Young

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take their toll on women, damaging their youthful appearance and thereby bringing down their self-esteem. Mommy Makeovers are ideal solutions to address the aesthetic concerns women have post-pregnancy. A mommy makeover procedure can be costly, and the cost varies with the amount of work done. However, women are not much bothered about the cost and are even willing to shell out their hard-earned savings to get back their pre-pregnancy figure. Many of them want to feel good about themselves.

Beautifully contoured breasts and an enhanced abdominal profile are two important considerations for looking young and beautiful. Women experience issues such as excess abdominal fat and skin as well as deflated breasts after delivery. Mommy Makeover combines breast augmentation, breast lift surgery and tummy tuck to help women regain their attractive physique. Cosmetic surgeons performing this surgery have made it clear that those women planning to have another baby should go for this procedure only when they are sure that their child-bearing days are over. This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding can reverse the good results obtained from the surgery.

It is surprising that most women undergoing this surgery are those in their 30s. A recent study by the American Society of plastic surgeons made it clear how impressed women are about mommy makeover benefits. There is a steep increase — 85 per cent and 70 per cent increase respectively – in the demand for tummy tuck and breast lift from 10 years earlier. These procedures have become more socially acceptable now, which could be one of the reasons for the popularity.

Women choosing to undergo mommy makeovers to stay young should maintain realistic expectations regarding the results of the surgery. They should also understand that the liposuction procedure is not an easy way to reduce excess fat. It can only work on the excess pockets of fat that remain after heavy exercise and strict diet.