Male Blepharoplasty Surgery

Do your tired, puffy eyes and sagging eyebrows make you look older than actually you are? Advanced male blepharoplasty surgery at bodySCULPT® helps resolve these issues and provides a pleasing, masculine appearance. The surgeons at our AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery in Manhattan, NYC have vast experience in performing this procedure and producing improvements with natural looking results*.

Eyelid Surgery for a Refreshed Look

Our surgeons are skilled in corrective blepharoplasty procedures and understand that men have goals that are different from those of women. They perform the surgery to preserve masculine elements such as a more level eyebrow and a lower upper eyelid crease. We provide both upper and lower eyelid surgery for men. Treatment helps address the following conditions:

  • Droopiness of upper eyelids
  • Loose, sagging skin in the upper eyelid
  • Puffiness or bags under eyes
  • Excess skin and wrinkles in the lower eyelid
  • Excess fatty deposits in the upper eyelid

Excess muscle, fat or skin are removed or repositioned to correct drooping eyelids (ptosis) and bags. The procedure also involves skin and muscle tightening, and smoothing of the line between the eyelid and the cheek. The incisions are made in discreet areas to limit visible scarring. They also remove excess tissue of the upper eyelid causing functional visual impairment to restore peripheral vision.

Personalized Treatment

During your initial visit, our plastic surgeon will carefully examine your eyes and eyelids to determine the extent of drooping in the upper eyelids and excess skin and fat in the lower eyelids. Based on this evaluation and your aesthetic goals, they will develop a suitable surgical plan.

Aesthetic eyelid surgery usually requires only local anesthesia. To improve the outcome, the surgeon may advise combining the eyelid lift with procedures such as a face lift and/or brow lift surgery.

Patients are informed about the risks and benefits of the treatment at the outset so that they can take an informed decision. The surgeons and staff at this reliable surgical practice enhance the patient experience with end-to-end attention and care.

Schedule a Consultation

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