Prevent Depression with these Lifestyle Changes


A peaceful mind and a healthy body complement each other. Feeling sad or upset is part of life and does happen in certain instances. However, letting these feelings get the better of you can lead to a depressive state from which it may not be easy to get out of. Doctors say that depression occurs due to chemical imbalance in the brain …More

Simple Strategies to Prevent Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common health concerns among people of all ages. It can be acute or chronic and limit your daily activities. Injuries and certain medical conditions can cause back pain. However, as the most common reasons for the condition are a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, carrying heavy loads, and …More

A Simple Preventive Care Plan for Breast Health

Breast Health

Even thinking about the possibility of having breast cancer can be frightening, but every woman needs to face up to facts, be proactive and take conscious control of her life. Thinking and acting ahead using foresight is the best strategy in the battle against breast cancer. As all women are at risk for breast cancer …More

Make These Lifestyle Changes to Get a Flatter Tummy

Lifestyle Changes to Get a Flatter Tummy

A sedentary lifestyle and improper diet leads to weight gain and a protruding tummy. While exercise and diets are important to cut tummy fat, making some simple lifestyle changes can take you closer to your goals of achieving a trimmer midsection. Reduce your salt intake. Salt makes you retain more fluid, which will cause the …More