Best Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms

Flabby Arms

Fat cells can build up in many areas of the body, including the arms, due to factors such as aging, genetics and weight gain. Excess fat and low muscle tone in the upper arms cause the skin to droop, a condition that is often called bat wings. Flabby arms typically occur due to lack of proper exercise. The good news is that there are many exercises that can effectively get rid of upper arm fat.

Exercises to Address Upper Arm Fat

Exercise can restore muscle tone in your upper arms. However, people who are overweight should focus on losing weight to achieve the desired outcomes. On the other hand, those who are at their ideal weight can focus only on toning the muscles. Here are some effective exercises for bat wings:

1)   Lat Pulldown

To perform this workout, you need to sit facing the weight stack of an overhead lat pulldown machine with a wide bar attached. Move your palms away from your body reach overhead and grab the bar. Then lean back 30-45 degrees and pull the bar towards your chest. This will engage the largest muscle on the down sides of your back and it will feel as if you are tucking your elbows into your back pockets. Then relax your shoulders and neck. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

2)   Tricep Pushups

To perform this exercise, start out in a plank stance with your hands stacked under your shoulders and shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms parallel to your sides and your elbows pointing back as you lower your chest toward the floor. Bring your body back up to the starting plank posture by firmly pressing through your palms. Repeat this workout 10-15 times.

This workout is also good for the knees.

3)   Kneeling Triceps Extension

Get down on your knees and place your hands a little wider than shoulder width beneath your shoulders. Then, lower your chest till your elbows and forearms touch the ground and shift your whole body weight forward. Push off the ground by extending elbows and then come back to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.

4)   Triceps Dip

You can perform this workout at home using a weight bench or chair. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart on the bench or chair. Slowly slide your back off the bench and extend your legs and feet to the floor. Then slowly lower your body towards the ground, until your elbows are at 90 degree angles. Hold the position for a second and push yourself back up to return to the starting position. Repeat at least 8-10 times.

5)  Incline Reverse fly

This workout is performed using an incline bench. Lie chest down on on the incline bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and drop your hands towards the floor. Now raise your arms in the shape of ‘T’. Keep your shoulders down and engage the core. Then squeeze the shoulder and upper back. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

There are certain factors you should take into account before exercising:

  • First, ask your doctor is these exercises are right for you.
  • To reduce muscle strain, warm up for at least 10-20 minutes before the exercise.
  • Some exercises require dumbbells; be very careful while choosing the weight.
  • If you are aiming to tone your arms doing lower-weight exercises, several repetitions are needed.
  • Though triceps exercises can provide great results in toning muscles and shaping the arm area, they may not alone reduce bat wings. Include cardiovascular exercises like brisk walking, jogging, and swimming to address fat around the muscles.

Maintaining a toned body is not an easy task and you need to invest at least an hour a day for good results.