How To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Prevent Premature Aging?

Skin Healthy

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and a barrier to prevent pathogens and other harmful agents from entering your body. It protects your from several virus and bacteria. It also protects you from the harsh rays of the sun that can harm your cells. Therefore, taking good care of your skin is important.

Everyone desires youthful-looking plump skin, but with aging, the skin becomes loose and saggy. This is because the production of collagen slows down overtime. This can lead to wrinkles, fine lines etc. Skin dryness is also a common issue that occurs with age because the sebaceous (oil) glands decrease in size. Apart from biological factors, there are other factors that can damage your skin like exposure to sun, pollution, stress, obesity, too much facial movement, and even sleep position.

Common Changes in Skin

As you age, changes occur in the skin. The most common changes are rough skin, lesions, dryness, thinning of epidermis that makes the skin transparent, get easily bruised and fragile. Loss of fat below the skin may also result in in loose skin, sunken eyes, etc.

Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

To avoid getting wrinkles, it is important to take precautionary measures. Wearing sunscreen lotions, washing the face every morning and night, gentle massaging, etc., are simple things one can do on a daily basis to prevent aging of the skin. Other things you can do to maintain the quality of your skin and prevent wrinkles include:

  • Use Retinoid: Retinoid or retinol is derived from vitamin A that is the most popular anti- aging element. It has the ability to increase the collagen that can prevent your skin from sagging and make it look more plump and youthful. Retinoid helps in skin regeneration and helps to generate new blood vessels that can enhance the overall appearance of the skin. This element is now available in face creams, gels, facewash etc. Using a very small amount of retinoid helps to prevent skin peeling.
  • Protect your Skin from Sun: Continuous exposure to the harsh rays of the sun and pollution can lead to premature aging of the skin. To protect your skin from getting damaged from UV rays, make sure to apply sunscreen lotions with SPF of 30 to 50 on every day, irrespective of the weather. You can also wear a hat, scarf or sunglass for extra protection.
  • Drink enough Water: Drink enough water to stay hydrated. This helps to avoid dryness and aging of your skin. Drinking enough water helps to flush out toxins from the body and also helps with digestion, regulates your body temperature, boosts skin elasticity, corrects tissue damages and keeps you skin glowing and hydrated.
  • Eat Healthy: Applying creams and gels are all outside aids. For your skin to glow from within, it is important to eat a vitamin rich healthy diet. A Dutch study from 2019 showed that people with diabetes had facial wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. Likewise, women who consumed high volumes of red meat and other unhealthy food items also faced the same skin issues. So, maintain a healthy diet that includes items like green tea, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc., that have high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and may also improve the skin’s elasticity and protect against skin damage and premature aging.
  • Use Moisturizers: Apply moisturizer every time you wash your face. It helps keep your face very hydrated and nourished. Make sure to use moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Sleep on your Back: A study conducted in 2016 suggests that sleeping position has an effect on the formation of wrinkles. People who sleep on their side or stomach are prone to mechanical compression forces, which can speed up the formation of wrinkles, and also distort facial skin. Sleeping on your back instead of on your side or stomach is one way to prevent aging. Using silk pillow covers is recommended as silk causes less friction and abrasions on the skin.
  • Relax your Face: Continuous facial movements like frowning, squinting, etc., can quicken the formation of wrinkles. If you find yourself frowning too much, then practice relaxing your facial muscles to avoid getting wrinkles. You can also do deep breathing, yoga, and meditation to keep yourself calm and stress free.

We lose thousands of dead cells off the surface of the skin on a daily basis. Even if your skin is glowing and beautiful today, there is no guarantee that you will have a healthy skin tomorrow. Therefore, taking care of your skin is essential to avoid premature aging and keep your skin healthy and glowing.