Tips for Hair Care in the Spring

Tips for Hair Care in the Spring
When the season changes from winter to spring, people experience changes such as an oily scalp, a decrease in hair volume due to higher temperatures, and more.  It is critical to adjust your hair regimen to the changes in the weather and climate. Spring is considered a good season to nourish your hair and care for it. Here are some tips to protect your hair in the spring.

Minimize shampoo

To restore your hair’s natural luster and lock in the moisture, consider co-washing or using only conditioner without shampoo. Choose the right conditioner to suit your hair type. Experts recommend using shampoo only twice a week to cleanse the scalp. Also, minimize using hot tools to dry and style your hair as these can cause a lot of damage. Try drying your tresses naturally.

Try a hair mask

Hair masks play a key role in treating scalp issues such as itchiness or dryness and restoring dry or damaged hair follicles. Different types of masks with natural ingredients are available on the market. Choose the product that suits your hair type. It would be great if you could prepare your own mask at home and apply it once a week.

Use the right products

Make sure to choose quality products based on your hair’s texture and natural state. While women with dry hair can consider a hydrating shampoo, those with oily and fine hair should avoid shampoos that have moisturizing or deep conditioning properties.

Trim your hair

After the dry winter, you locks need rejuvenation. Trimming helps avoid dry and split ends. Trimming also helps to make it easier to care for your hair. Cutting just half an inch can remove split ends make your hair look and feel healthy.

Eat right

Make sure to include hair-healthy foods in your diet such as walnuts and other foods rich in protein and Vitamin E omega-3 fatty acids. Wear a hat when you go outdoors to protect your hair from harmful UV rays.