Composite Breast Augmentation – Patient 3 Before & After Photos

bodySCULPT®, a leading AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery center in Manhattan, NYC is dedicated to providing safe, customized solutions to our patients. Our plastic surgeons are skilled in performing composite breast augmentation, which is one of the latest developments in breast enhancement techniques.

Also known as LipoImplant Augmentation, this procedure combines the process of fat grafting with breast implants, which is an innovative technique for breast enhancement. The surgery is ideal to correct breast deformities, reduce implant-related issues and enhance breast symmetry.

Liposuction is performed using advanced modalities like Smartlipo Triplex to remove surplus fat from areas such as the thighs, abdomen or back. The fat tissues are processed and the purified fat cells are transferred to the breasts. Patients at our practice benefit from customized treatment and end-to-end care with dedicated follow-up to achieve* optimal results.

Would you like to see the results achieved from composite breast augmentation? View the before and after photos of our patient, who has achieved a great outcome with our LipoImplant Augmentation.

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