Breast Lift Surgery in NYC – What to Expect

Breast Lift Surgery in NYCWomen looking to address sagging and uneven breasts can consider breast lift surgery in an NYC plastic surgery practice. The procedure lifts the breasts to an aesthetically pleasing position, can resolve issues such as drooping nipples and stretched areolas, and restores a more youthful shape.

For the right candidates, the treatment improves breast shape, projection, symmetry, and overall appearance. Your clothes will fit better which will improve your self-confidence. With firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape to sagging breasts, your bra and swimsuit would fit more comfortably and attractively.

However, like any other cosmetic surgical procedure, this one too comes with some limitations. First, results may not last a lifetime. The effects of a breast lift might slowly diminish over time due to factors such as gravity and aging to which we cannot put a halt. Some women have a touch-up procedure to improve the overall look of their breasts, though a full-length lift will usually not be needed.

A conventional procedure would leave some scars. However, a skilled surgeon would tactfully hide the scars in the natural creases of the breast so that they are not visible in a bra or swimsuit.

If you become pregnant after the treatment, it may compromise the surgical outcome. This is the reason why many surgeons recommend getting the procedure done after women complete having children.

Being the right candidate is important for optimal outcomes. The right plastic surgeon in NYC will assess your physiological considerations and determine if you will benefit from the treatment. Women who lack volume may be advised breast augmentation in conjunction with the lift.