Breast Augmentation in Manhattan with the IDEAL Implant

Breast Augmentation in ManhattanBreast augmentation in Manhattan with the IDEAL implant is a great option for women seeking a safe and effective solution to enhancing the bust line. This implant combines the best aspects of both saline and silicone gel models. Its unique design has made this saline filled implant widely accepted and its rich features help the right candidates to improve breast volume safely.

The implant features multiple silicone shells within an outer shell and two valves to fill the device with saline. This structure controls movement of the saline and minimizes folding and wrinkling. The internal structure supports the upper portion of the implant when held upright and this prevents collapse. The surgeon can determine the amount of saline to be filled based on the patient’s anatomical considerations.

The key benefits of the IDEAL implant are as follows:

  • FDA approved implants for use with remarkable safety and efficiency
  • Improvement in the breast size and shape with a natural look and feel.
  • Innovative design arrived after years of research and testing.
  • Edges are low and closer to the ribs thus enhancing the natural curve of the chest wall.
  • Multi-layered implants provide better stability
  • No fear of capsular contracture and wrinkling.
  • No worry about risk of silent rupture
  • No inconvenience of MRI scans every 2 years
  • Available in a range of sizes

Women seeking an attractive bust line with a natural feel but don’t wish to have silicone gel implants can go for this implant. Unlike the tear shaped models, this implant is round in shape and has the benefit of rotation not upsetting its appearance.

The healing period is more or less the same as other types of breast implants. Choose an established plastic surgery practice in the city to undergo IDEAL implant breast enhancement. A good surgeon will provide customized treatment to help candidates achieve their specific goals.

The IDEAL Breast Implant – Beauty without Compromise

Different types of breast implants have been introduced over the years, each with some advanced features over the previous models. With established NYC plastic surgery practices offering various implant types, women considering breast augmentation can choose the one that best meets their goals. The IDEAL implant is the latest in FDA approved line of breast implant options which includes saline, silicone, and gummy bear. Its unique design features a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers, which hold the saline filler.

IDEAL Breast Implant

The IDEAL implant is now a popular choice as offers certain benefits that give it an edge over its counterparts:

IDEAL Breast Implant

  • It combines the best aspects of the earlier saline and silicone gel models
  • This structured saline-filled implant offers a natural feel
  • Unlike silicone gel implants, there are no concerns of silent rupture.
  • As the internal structure controls movement of the saline, the chances of folding and wrinkling are minimal
  • It is multi-layered and provides better stability and come through a reliable manufacturing process.
  • No MRI scans are needed to detect ruptures
  • As the edges have been lowered for better contouring to the chest wall, the results are also more appealing
  • With all these benefits, the healing period is more or less the same comparing other implant options.
  • It is available in 14 sizes

Its clinical advantages include higher rupture strength, smaller incision and ease of removal.

Choosing the right breast augmentation surgeon in NYC is important. A reliable surgeon  will evaluate your concerns, expectations and preferences and provide a solution that will work best for you.

Advantages of the IDEAL Implant over Saline and Silicone Implants

Till recently, women considering breast implant surgery could choose from FDA-approved saline, silicone and gummy bear implants. In November 2014, the FDA approved a new option – the IDEAL implant which blends the best aspects of its counterparts. In fact, this new saline-filled implant is specifically designed to overcome women’s basic concerns with saline and silicone gel breast implants. Let’s see how.

Original Saline

Original Saline

The original saline implant resembles a water balloon and is usually placed under the chest muscle. Many women complain that it does not provide the natural feel of breast tissue. The lack of internal structure is a major drawback. When held upright, the upper portion collapses and tends to wrinkle.

Silicone Gel

Silicone Gel

Silicone gel-filled implants do feel somewhat like breast tissue. However, the filling is not done at the time of surgery but during manufacturing process. So there are chances of it getting damaged if forced through a small incision. Moreover, while silicone gel implants were considered safe and approved by the FDA, MRI scans are necessary every two years to detect silent rupture. If they do rupture they have to be removed.

IDEAL Implant – What Makes the Difference

IDEAL Implant
  • With the IDEAL implant, women do not need an MRI to detect rupture as if this new structured implants happens to rupture, it is obvious, and the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body. This innovative breast implant also offers a natural look and feel along with the safety of only saline inside. Its design makes the difference. It features a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers which hold the saline filler. The chances of folding, wrinkling and bouncing are minimal as the internal structure controls movement of the saline. The results are also more appealing as the edges have been lowered for better fit to the chest wall.
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT is round and so rotation does not affect its appearance. This is not the case with tear-drop shaped implants that would look abnormal if they rotate.
  • The IDEAL IMPLANT needs a relatively small incision to insert. It is filled with saline through its two self-sealing valves after insertion. It is also designed to provide more choices of subglandular or submuscular position, volume adjustment and incision location.
  • This implant is available in 14 different varieties of sizes so that women can choose the option that best suits their overall physical proportions. The healing period is more or less the same as that for other implants.

The IDEAL implant is for women who want an implant with a natural feel without silicone gel in their body. It is for women who would be concerned about undetected silent ruptures inside their body and the hassles of having to undergo MRI scans every two years to detect ruptures.

How Does the IDEAL Implant Work?

IDEAL ImplantThe IDEAL implant is the latest innovation in the field of breast augmentation. This novel implant is uniquely designed to meet the goals of aesthetics as well as safety. It is saline filled for safety and comes with an innovative internal structure that provides a natural feel, but without any silicone gel. The design allows flexible choices with regard to implant placement such as under the gland or muscle as well as volume adjustment and location of the incision.

This is how the FDA-approved IDEAL implant works to provide an optimal outcome:

  • Its internal structure comprises a series of silicone implant shells of increasing size nested together with saline solution filling the spaces in between.
  • It is designed with curved edges, which conforms to the chest wall and simulates the way natural breast tissue is shaped.
  • The chances of wrinkling and folding are minimized as the internal structure controls the movement of the saline solution.
  • When held upright, the internal structure supports the upper portion of the implant, avoiding the collapse – there is no bouncing, scalloping and wrinkling.
  • The amount of saline needed to fill the implant can be adjusted to correct for differences in the size of a woman’s breasts.
  • The implant is placed in the submuscular or subglandular pocket after which inner and outer lumens are filled with saline.
  • It is inserted through a relatively small incision and then filled with saline through two self-sealing valves.

These unique features make the IDEAL implant the ideal choice for breast enhancement and revision procedures. In addition to providing a youthful, natural looking shape and projection, it addresses many concerns associated with other implants:

  • Nested shell design minimizes chance of rippling and bouncing
  • No risk of undetected silicone rupture
  • Rotation does not affect appearance

For women who want to achieve natural-looking results with saline-filled implants and enjoy the confidence that her implants are intact, the IDEAL implant is the right choice.

Saline-filled IDEAL IMPLANT – An Ideal Choice for Breast Augmentation

IDEAL IMPLANTWomen desiring to increase their breast volume and improve overall appearance can choose from FDA-approved, safe and effective breast implants. These include saline, silicone or gummy bear implants. Now women have one more innovative option-FDA-approved IDEAL IMPLANT which is the latest in implant technology. They come with a unique design, feature an internal structure and offer a natural feel.

Women are often apprehensive about the silent rupture of implants, which need not be a concern with this new choice. The internal structure controls the movement of the saline, and its design reduces folding and wrinkling which in turn minimizes the chances of implant rupture and deflation.

Unique Design and Safe Materials

IDEAL IMPLANT has a unique design – a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers that hold the saline filler. This design was arrived at after years of research and testing. The edges have been lowered on the outside for better contouring to the chest wall. This breast implant is made from safe and proven breast implant materials and manufacturing processes. It does not use silicone gel or new materials and consists of multiple silicone shells within an outer shell. IDEAL IMPLANT has two valves that fill the device with saline.

What Makes Them Ideal?

  • IDEAL IMPLANT is available in a variety of sizes and women can be flexible in their choice
  • It combines the best aspects of saline and silicone implants
  • Its net shell nature minimizes the chances of bouncing
  • It is multi-layered and provides better stability

A majority of subjects in the clinical study expressed satisfaction and enjoyed favorable outcomes, and so those choosing these implants can hope for a pleasant treatment experience.

Women at least 18 years of age can consider IDEAL IMPLANT as a breast augmentation option. This would be an ideal choice whether your objective is to make your breasts larger, or if you want to correct or improve the outcome of a primary breast augmentation. One could say its design combines the natural appearance offered by silicone gel and the safety of saline. However, choose an established plastic surgery practice and a skilled surgeon to perform the surgery to experience safe and natural-looking results. Advanced plastic surgery practices offer 3D imaging by which you can visualize the results and thus take a confident decision.