Gummy Bear Breast Implants

When it comes to a more natural appearance, enhanced breast size and improved symmetry, gummy bear breast implants are the ideal option. An established plastic surgery practice located in Manhattan, NYC, bodySCULPT® provides breast enhancement procedures using these highly cohesive implants which are popular for their high strength and stability.

Our plastic surgeons utilize these cohesive gel implants for:

  • Breast enhancement
  • Breast lift
  • Revision of augmentation procedure

Unique Benefits of FDA Approved Cohesive Gel Implants

These high strength silicone gel implants are an effective alternative to round breast implants, including liquid-filled saline and regular silicone implants.

Natural-looking results: As they are semi-solid, they can maintain their shape and remain in an upright position. This provides a more natural-looking outcome with gradually-sloped tops and full bottoms.

Reduced chance of leakage: These implants are less likely to wrinkle, fold or ripple. As they are filled with thick silicone gel, chances for leakage are minimal.

Minimal risk of capsular contracture: Placing the implants in a pocket below the pectoralis muscle results in a lower risk of capsular contracture and allows better visualization on a mammogram.

Anatomically shaped: They are designed to hold their shape and available in a variety of teardrop styles and anatomical shapes to suit the body.

These form stable implants are inserted through an incision at the bottom of the breast, also known as an inframammary incision. They require a longer incision than regular implants and take a longer time to place.

We also offer traditional round saline and silicone implants of different sizes, shapes and surfaces.

Preview the ‘New You’

Our 3D imaging capabilities allow you to visualize the outcome of the procedure. These advanced platforms provide three-dimensional images of your body, which will help decide which implant size meets your goals. This enables you to take an informed decision about the procedure.

Every patient’s goals are carefully assessed and a customized treatment plan is developed. Our surgeons and staff also go all out to make each patient’s surgical experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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