How Weight Loss Affects Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Brazilian Butt LiftAs with any cosmetic surgical procedure, maintaining the results of a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) would depend keeping your weight stable after the treatment. The best place to have the procedure is in Manhattan where you easily find plastic surgeons in this innovative procedure. The treatment involves taking fat from other areas of the body and injecting select, purified fat cells into the buttocks to improve size and shape.

Women who want curvaceous buttocks often find that even strenuous exercise cannot provide the desired outcome. That’s where cosmetic surgery can help. BBL is the ideal option for women who want to avoid implants and have fat to spare for transfer to the buttocks. Whether you have a flat butt or a sagging butt, or are unhappy about its shape and size, this natural fat transfer procedure can help. When performed by an experienced NYC plastic surgeon, you can expect to achieve a rounder, firmer and attractive derriere proportionate to your overall physique. Results would be natural looking as your own fat is used for the enhancement.

One question that patients ask their surgeon is whether weight loss or gain after the treatment would affect the results. The answer is yes. Maintaining a stable weight post procedure is necessary for results to last. Considerable changes in weight would alter butt contour. Experts in Brazilian butt augmentation say that this is because of the way fat behaves after BBL.

Once the injected fat has achieved blood supply and becomes viable or alive after a year, the results would last for many years. The transferred fat would act just like other fat cells in the body. If you happen to lose weight, the effects would be spread throughout your body, affecting the transferred fat too and causing the cells there to shrink. As the buttocks lose volume due weight loss, it would affect BBL outcomes.

On the other hand, weight gain will make all the fat cells in the body expand, including the transferred fat cells. This happens as the calories turn into fat that is stored in the cells. This clearly means you can expect that your derriere would gain volume with weight gain. So if you have experienced weight loss after BBL and want to restore the results, you need to gain weight carefully. This can help restore the attractive derriere you achieved through the procedure.

If you are considering Brazilian butt augmentation in Manhattan, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in the treatment.

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