Male Chest Implants: What Does the Procedure Involve?

Even after hitting the gym and doing rigorous workouts, many men fail to achieve the chest enhancement they desire. For them, a male chest implants surgery could work the magic. One of the popular options among men, Pec implant surgery is an aesthetic procedure that involves placing a solid silicone implant under the chest muscle to provide a sculpted, masculine chest.

Male Chest Implants

Male plastic surgery has become popular with more and more men seeking to improve their physical appearance. Pec implants surgery is one such cosmetic surgery enhancement many men now consider as a solution for the asymmetry or congenital underdevelopment of the pectorals. Factors such as genetics, growth defects, injury and other conditions can restrict the growth of the chest muscles which might leave men feeling self-conscious, leading to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Pectoral implant surgery or chest implant surgery is the process of augmenting the size and shape of the chest with implants – that come in different sizes and shapes – while also enhancing contours and the appearance of muscle. The procedure involves numbing the treatment area first. Once the area is numbed, the surgeon will make an incision of about 2 inches in the armpit and create a pocket for the implant to be inserted under the pectoralis major muscle. After inserting the chest implant in the pocket, sutures are used to reconnect the muscle lining and close the skin, and the same process is repeated on the opposite side. These sutures will dissolve over time.

During the healing process, the implant becomes surrounded by the scar tissue pocket, where it stays permanently. The treatment causes only minimal injury to the blood vessels, nerves, tendons and other tissues and comes with a short recovery period. Patients can return to their routine activities within two weeks of the procedure but have to wait up to two months to resume exercises. If you experience any problems such as increased pain, soreness or redness in the area, then don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon immediately. Preparing well for pectoral implant surgery as well as proper post-operative care is crucial to promote smooth recovery and ensure optimal results. A successful procedure greatly improves chest definition and muscularity. When pec implants are placed correctly, the implants would remain well hidden by the tissues and you won’t be able to feel them that easily.

In an AAAASF-accredited NYC plastic surgery practice, pectoral implant surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and needs just one to two hours to complete.

If you are considering male pectoral implants surgery to show off a more sculpted, masculine chest, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that has surgeons who are experienced and skilled in this particular procedure. Expert plastic surgeons will consider factors such as body type, symmetry, proportions, and individual preferences and expectations to provide the best results.

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