New York City’s Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Spero Theodorou Predicts Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2015

Dr. Spero TheodorouA new year, a new beginning and new trends in plastic surgery! Fashion and beauty connoisseurs are all looking forward to see what’s hot for 2015. Celebrities have always contributed to setting new trends in fashion and beauty and this is evident in the field of cosmetic surgery as well. Influenced by the curves of some of our "shapeliest celebrities", Brazilian butt lifts soared by an amazing 58% in the US last year. This is an innovative procedure that sculpts and lifts the buttocks giving them a very attractive shape. As featured in The Fashion Times, Brazilian procedures such as butt lift and tummy tuck are expected to remain popular through 2015.

New York City’s renowned plastic surgeon and surgical director of bodySCULPT®, Dr. Spero Theodorou has predicted the major cosmetic surgery trends for 2015. Speaking to Beauty World News, the surgeon explained why the Brazilian Butt Lift is still so in-demand, "The reason the butt lift gives such a good shape is because as well as the augmentation of the buttocks, we also remove unwanted fat around the waist and love handles, which accentuates the curves and frames the buttocks better".

Brazilian tummy tuck, which offers many more advantages than the traditional method is your best option if you want to look great in your bikini this summer. He remarks, "This particular procedure offers several new advantages over old types of tummy tuck". You can wear even a lower-cut bikini as the scar is much further below the waist. The excess skin is effectively removed, the waist is pulled in and the possibilities of laser lipo make it seem even smaller. Another benefit of this advanced tummy tuck is that it has a rejuvenating effect on the pubic area that may have dropped with age. The recovery time is less compared to the old method – just ten days compared to the 2 weeks for the older method.

Dr Theodorou expects other procedures also to be in the favorites list; composite breast augmentation and laser arm liposuction.

Composite breast augmentation is a good aesthetic procedure for women who do not have enough breast tissue to hold the implant, and those for whom the results of implant augmentation are not looking natural. This procedure involves using both implants and fat transfer augmentation. Excess fat extracted from other body areas such as the buttocks, hips and thighs is purified and injected over the implants and molded to the desired shape. The fat transfer process offers the additional benefit of contouring the donor site. For instance, if the fat is taken from the waist for the procedure, not only do the breasts look perkier and more natural, the waist would also look slimmer and petite.

With strapless and sleeveless tops at the forefront of fashion, laser arm liposuction is bound to rise in popularity, Dr. Theodorou noted. Sculpting of the upper arms with laser liposuction will remove excess fat and tighten the skin, making the arms look slimmer and more attractive.