Patient Has a Pleasant Scarless Arm Lift Surgery Experience

Patient Has a Pleasant Scarless Arm Lift Surgery Experience
Leading plastic surgeons at NYC-based bodySCULPT® plastic surgery practice are experienced in performing BodyTite arm lift, an innovative procedure to enhance arm contour.  Patient testimonials highlighting their experience are valuable for any plastic surgery practice. Alyssa is one of our patients and she is happy to talk about her scarless arm lift surgery experience at our NYC office.

Patient’s Chief Complaint

Alyssa is 28 years old and a teacher by profession. She approached our office last year, and her chief complaint was that even after working out and eating right she had difficulty toning the back of her arms.


During consultation, our expert plastic surgeon Dr. Spero J Theodorou recommended BodyTite arm lift to remove unwanted fat from Alyssa’s arm and tighten the sagging skin, which would result in smooth, well-shaped arms.


Dr. Spero Theodorou performed this minimally invasive procedure using the FDA-approved radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) device – BodyTite, which liquefies fat cells and removes it safely, providing superior skin-tightening effects. BodyTite™ on arms (ArmTite) is a procedure done under local anesthesia and its uniqueness is that it can remove the excess skin under the arms and tighten the skin without leaving any scars. Downtime and side effects are minimal.

Alyssa says she was comfortable during the arm liposuction surgery and did not feel any pain. The surgery didn’t take very long.


Post operation, she was sore for a few days but was able to go back to work and continue with her daily routine quickly after surgery. After the swelling subsided, she was able to see the results, while healing and final results were more of a gradual process. Even one year after the surgery, she says that she feels great.

Alyssa says, “I had a wonderful experience at bodySCULPT® for my liposuction procedure on my arms. Dr. Theodorou made me feel 100% comfortable before, during, and after surgery. He is meticulous with his work and gave me the beautifully sculpted arms that I have always wanted.  I am so happy with my results!”

Check out this patient’s before and after photos of the scarless arm lift procedure.

Patient Has a Pleasant Scarless Arm Lift Surgery Experience

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