Plastic Surgery Options for Breast Reconstruction after Breast Cancer Surgery

Leading AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices offer breast lift surgery in New York for women seeking to achieve firmer, perkier, and more youthful looking breasts. In a recent report published by, a Portsmouth surgeon says that breast reduction along with a breast lift can help women battling cancer improve their appearance. Women who have had a mastectomy are usually concerned about the dramatic change in their appearance. Today, these breast enhancement procedures can be performed using cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgical techniques that optimize outcomes while reducing pain, scarring and downtime. Let’s look at the various options that women can choose from to reconstruct the breast following mastectomy.Breast Reconstruction

  • Breast implant surgery: Following surgery to remove a breast, women can choose to have it rebuilt using a breast implant. Some women need to have, or opt to have both breasts removed, either because cancer was diagnosed in both breasts or because they have a risk of developing breast cancer due to genetic test results or strong family history. In such situations, plastic surgeon can rebuild both breasts.
    Saline and silicone implants are used to rebuild the breast. The breasts can also be reconstructed using the patient’s own tissue taken from elsewhere in the body. Implants can be combined with fat grafting. Fat grafting can correct contour deformities by contouring and filling in small areas to improve breast size, shape, and symmetry. Breast reconstruction can be done simultaneously with removal of the breast or started at the time of the cancer surgery and completed later, possibly months or years after the mastectomy.

  • Breast lift surgery: Mastopexy or breast lift surgery or is a highly sought-after procedure for those wanting to achieve firmer, perkier, and more youthful looking breasts. This procedure can address concerns such as sagging breasts, asymmetry, nipples pointing downward, and nipple or areola located below the crease underneath the breast. A breast lift involves removing excess, sagging skin, reshaping and tightening the breast tissue and raising the nipple as well as areola to a higher, more forward location.
    According to a report, women who have a lumpectomy can opt to combine it with a breast lift to rejuvenate their appearance. A lumpectomy removes the tumor and some of the non-cancerous tissue surrounding it, and not the entire breast as in a mastectomy. A breast lift can raise and reshape the natural breast if it is droopier than the reconstructed breast.

    Patients are advised to have breast lift surgery before the lumpectomy because performing this procedure after radiation poses a higher rate of complications. The study notes that the oncologist who performs the lumpectomy and the plastic surgeon who performs the breast lift can collaborate to provide the patient with the best aesthetic outcomes.

  • Opposite breast balancing: The ultimate aim of breast reconstruction is achieving symmetry. When one breast is removed, the reconstruction would consist of a balancing procedure on the opposite breast to achieve symmetry. Opposite breast balancing surgery involves breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation or combined breast lift and augmentation, or combined breast reduction and breast lift. For instance, if the reconstructed breast is larger than the other breast and the patient prefers a larger breast, the natural breast can be made bigger with an implant. Breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift. On the other hand, if the natural breast is larger than the reconstructed breast, breast reduction can be performed to reshape and reduce the size of the natural breast. The benefits of opposite breast balancing surgery include:
    • Improves appearance to match the opposite breast (size, shape and projection) for optimal outcomes
    • Addresses existing concerns such as “droopy, too large, too small, deflated”
    • Small breasts can be reconstructed and augmented with an expander

With an experienced NYC plastic surgeon performing their breast reconstruction, patients can achieve attractive, natural-looking results.