Report: Lumpectomy can be combined with a Breast Lift

Breast LiftBreast lift surgery in NYC is a popular procedure that helps resolve sagging and results in a more youthful-looking bust line. According to a recent report, women who have a lumpectomy can opt to combine it with a breast lift to rejuvenate their appearance.

Women diagnosed with breast cancer would have to undergo a lumpectomy or mastectomy depending upon the stage they are going through. A lumpectomy involves the removal of the tumor and some of the non-cancerous tissue surrounding it, but not the entire breast as with a mastectomy. One study showed that after a lumpectomy about 46 percent of women are unhappy with the physical appearance of their breasts. Most patients undergo customized breast reconstruction to address issues such as asymmetry, dents, bulges, and so on.

Breast sagging is a natural body change that occurs as women age. Besides aging, gravitational pull, lack of proper support, weight gain and breastfeeding also cause the breaststo sag. As the breasts lack muscle tissue, exercise will not work to firm and strengthen the breasts. The answer lies in having breast lift surgery. The procedure involves:

  • Removal of excess, sagging skin
  • Reshaping and tightening the breast tissue
  • Raising the nipple and areola into a more forward position
  • Reducing stretched, large areole
  • Making wide breasts narrower or slightly smaller

The report notes that a joint effort between a surgical oncologist and plastic surgeon can provide an opportunity for women diagnosed with breast cancer to not only to remove the lump from the breast, but also get a breast lift during the same procedure. The plastic surgeon will perform the lift after it is confirmed that all of the cancer has been removed. The plastic surgeon and patient also can discuss whether the lift should be performed on the other breast at the same time or later. If the lift is done on both breasts at the same time, the surgeon will often make the other breast smaller, as radiation will slightly shrink the affected breast. Surgeons advise patients to consider breast lift surgery before the lumpectomy because performing this procedure after radiation has shown higher rate of complications. During this procedure, the two surgeons can work together to achieve the best cosmetic outcomes. The procedure, which is covered by medical insurance, will take more time than a traditional lumpectomy, and the patient can receive radiation after healing is complete, which is usually within four weeks.

Breast lift surgery provides a more youthful and attractive shape and that’s why women say they feel rejuvenated and youthful afterward.

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