Rejuvenate Your Bustline With Breast Lift in NYC

Every year, the number of women who undergo breast lift surgery is on the rise. A breast lift in NYC helps to restore saggy breasts to firmer and perkier shape. In 2018, the number of women who underwent breast lift surgery was 109,683, up from 105,219 in 2017. These rising figures show the increased interest among women to restore a attractive bustline.

Breast Lift In NYC

Three Reasons Why Women opt for a Breast Lift

  • A natural solution: Unlike other breast correction surgeries, the breast lift uses a women’s own existing breast tissues to make saggy breast look perkier. It helps to lift as well as reposition existing breast tissues.
  • Enhance feminine look: This is a great solution to correct saggy and asymmetric breasts that may occur with pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging or weight loss. It corrects droopy tissue and minor asymmetries and provides an attractive and feminine look.
  • No long term maintenance: Breast lift involves no long term maintenance and therefore women can enjoy their new look without worry about any complications.

Aging, weight loss, breast feeding and pregnancy can lead to excessive sagging of breasts. Reshaping and lifting the bustline enhances a woman’s overall appearance restores her confidence and self-esteem.

Breast lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by making various incisions to remove excess skin and reshape sagging breasts. This treatment helps reposition the nipples, reduces stretched, large areola and makes wide breasts look smaller, rounder and perkier. The result of the procedure improves over time. Complication after the surgery are relatively rare. However, there may be some scarring but this will fade with time. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results of the surgery.

Plastic surgeons in NYC provide breast lift surgery along with breast augmentation for women whose breast have changed size or shape after pregnancy. Some women may be recommended breast augmentation to improve the outcomes.

It is important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to attain optimal results. A breast lift in NYC performed using 3D imaging technology allows patients to visualize how they will look after the surgery which allows them to make suggestions to improve outcomes. If you have decided to undergo this plastic surgery procedure, ensure that you choose the right surgeon to eliminate any risk or complications and achieve optimal outcomes.