An established plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, NYC, bodySCULPT® offers Vanquish treatment to help you attain the trim, sculpted body of your dreams. A breakthrough in noninvasive body contouring, Vanquish is an FDA-cleared device specifically designed to treat the problematic midsection. It is clinically proven to provide results* that patients seek – a beautifully contoured abdomen and a smaller waistline. This innovative system by BTL Aesthetics utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology to target unwanted fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Specialized in cosmetic surgery, the plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT® are committed to providing safe and effective minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures that will help you look and feel your best.

Safe and Effective Body Contouring with Vanquish

Vanquish is the world’s only operator-independent radio frequency device to reduce the circumference of the waistline. Unlike other systems that use a point source of heat or cold, Vanquish uses a panel array that emits selective RF energy with the largest spot size in the industry to treat the entire core in one application.

The treated body part is located in the high frequency electric field. The temperature increases in the target tissue while the surrounding tissue remains protected from reaching high temperatures. As the treatment progresses, the patient may feel mild to moderate heat sensation. Its operator simplified protocol results in reproducible clinical outcomes. The BTL Vanquish Flex applicator offers a new dimension of treatment comfort and flexibility.


  • Short treatment session
  • No downtime
  • No pain
  • Quick recovery

The procedure itself takes only 30 minutes to complete and needs to be repeated 4 times, each a week apart. As it is non-invasive, normal activities can be resumed immediately following each treatment. It is advisable that you drink more water the day before, the day of, and after the treatment. As long as you follow a healthy diet, results can be expected to last.

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