7 Tasty Foods to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

Burn Stubborn Belly FatBelly fat is a common problem, and most people find that even hitting the gym everyday cannot help them get back in shape. When it comes to diet, the general perception is that cutting out carbs and fatty foods can result in weight loss. Fitness experts say that while it’s important to avoid starchy, refined carbs, eating the right quantity of healthy carbs, protein, and fats can reduce cravings and help you to lose weight and burn belly fat.

Including the following tasty foods in your daily diet can help achieve your weight loss goals:

  • Salmon: This fish is a super anti-inflammatory food that contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for burning belly fat. It helps to control the hormone levels that cause excess fat to accumulate, boosts heart health, lowers your risk of dementia and improves your mood. Other items rich in omega-3 fatty acids include sardines, halibut, walnut, flax seeds, and dark leafy greens.
  • Nuts: Nuts are a great source of mood-boosting magnesium, which is an extremely weight loss friendly food. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fat, which reduces the growth of fat around the belly area. It helps to fight obesity, heart diseases, wrinkles, cancer and high blood pressure.
  • Fermented foods: These are foods that contain probiotics that help to boost immunity, regulate belly function and burn the bloat. Fermented foods include miso, tempeh, plain Greek yogurt and sauerkraut.
  • Sweet potatoes: This healthy carb-rich food is full of fiber, proteins and nutrients. Sweet potatoes are called the king of slow carbs as they keep you fuller and energized longer.
  • Oats: A perfect breakfast food, oats contains a fatty acid that helps reduce fat and reduce inflammation throughout the body.
  • Popcorn: Popcorn a great belly-flattening treat. Have low-fat and low-sodium microwave popcorn to reduce your sodium intake.
  • Green tea: This beverage contains flavonoid quercetin, which helps to boost the immune system, promote heart health, and fight belly fat.

Belly fat is linked to increased risk of various medical conditions such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, gallstones, certain cancers, and even dementia. So switch to a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and these fat-fighting foods to cut belly fat and protect your health.