Best Tips To Stay Healthy During Holidays


During holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we overindulge in magnificent feasts and compromise on staying fit and healthy. By the time the holidays get over, we step into the New Year feeling bloated and out of shape. Staying fit during the holiday season is a challenge. But you can effectively meet this challenge. The following are a few effective tips that will help you maintain your health during your holidays.

  • Fix a Time for Workout: It is always best to set a schedule for your daily workout just as you would schedule time for a meeting at work or holiday shopping. You are more likely to do your exercise if you make time on your calendar for exercise. Make sure to review your week ahead and figure out the most practical times to exercise, like in the morning before the day gets away from you or in the evening.
  • Look for Creative Ways to be Active: There are several ways to fit fitness into your daily routine. For example, when you go holiday shopping, park your car a bit farther away from the mall so you’re forced to walk more, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take a walk with your family to look at the lights. Bringing physical activity into your holiday traditions will help you to stay fit.
  • Do Some Activity Instead of Sitting Idle: If you do not have the time to exercise during holidays, then do not skip exercising altogether. Incorporate at least 10 minutes of physical activity a day. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to stay fit.
  • Eat Sensibly and Keep Yourself Hydrated: Holiday season is the time for scrumptious meals. You don’t have to abstain completely from your favourite seasonal treats. Make sure to eat your favorite food item in small portions size. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Keep yourself hydrated, especially if you are taking alcohol. Alcohol is a diet-killer, so choose your beverage wisely. Champagne is a good choice as it has 80 calories a glass.
  • Sleep Well: People tend to sleep late due to partying and late night events etc. This can affect your sleep schedule as well as your health. Getting enough sleep and rest is essential to stay healthy and organized.
  • Participate in Seasonal Activities: Activities like skating, sledding etc can burn a lot of calories. You can burn 420 to 1000 calories per hours.
  • Try to Work Out in the Company of Another Person: Working out especially during winter is very hard. If you do not like working out alone, get a friend. This will help you to stay motivated and you can stick to your regular workout schedule.
  • Set Goals and Track your Progress: With advanced technologies, you have new devices to monitor your health such as fitness trackers and calorie counters, and so, keeping track of your progress is easier than ever. Setting goals and challenges, along with a reward system, will hold you accountable and ensure your fitness success.

Following these tips religiously will help you to stay fit through your holidays and begin your New Year feeling healthy and confident.

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