Does Sweating Mean More Calories Burned?

SweatingDo you sweat a lot when you exercise and do you think that it’s a sign of more calories burned? Fitness experts point out that sweating is not a measure of how hard you are working out. When the body’s temperature rises, it produces sweat to cool down. So sweat can be considered as an indicator of how hot your body is and if it does contribute to calorie burning, it’s only in a very small way.

Generally, the fitter you become, more vigorous the exercise that will be needed to increase your core body temperature and generate sweat. Similarly, the extent of sweating also varies among individuals with the numbers of sweat glands that they have, which can range from two to four million. The more glands you have, the more you sweat. While just a brisk walk can make some people sweat profusely, even intense exercise will not generate much sweat in others.

There are also differences in how men and women sweat. Women generally have more sweat glands than men. However, men’s glands are more active and that’s why they sweat more. Factors such as smoking, drinking coffee or cocktails and alcohol consumption can increase the perspiration level. What you’re wearing also affects how much you sweat. Some fabrics like synthetics trap heat. Also, those who are overweight sweat more.

It’s important to replace the water that your body lost through sweating. So drink enough water before your warm up sessions. It would be a good idea to keep sipping water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

The bottom line: when it comes to calories burned, what counts is how long and how intensely you are working and not how much you sweat.