Five Tips to get your Body Summer Ready

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get your body beach ready by getting rid of the holiday weight that you’re still carrying. A balanced diet with regular exercise can help you get a toned body.

Getting your body summer ready is about setting aesthetic goals and committing to a healthy lifestyle to achieve them.

Tips to Make Your Body Summer Ready

SummerFollow these tips to shape up before summer arrives:

  • Make a Plan: Having a personal plan about how much weight you want to cut and the time it would take to achieve your goal, the part of your body that you want to concentrate on – such as your tummy, etc. This will give you a clear idea about your fitness journey. Make sure to set a realistic plan so that you can achieve you goal. Planning ahead will help you stay motivated and continue with your fitness journey.
  • Identify your Body Composition: Body composition can be different for different people. Body composition refers to body fat percentage. This will help you find out which type of workout is best for you. Always knowing the relationship between muscle and fat is the key to building a summer body that is both aesthetically great and that performs well.
  • Find a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach: To find out what percentage of muscle vs fat you are, consider consulting a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist. They are trained to understand a body better. Every person’s body is different and professionals can help you to design a workout plan and diet that works well for your body. They can also show you how to perform these exercises properly without getting any injury. To achieve a fit body, stick to the diet and exercise that an expert recommends.
  • Make a Diet Plan: Exercise alone cannot help. It is equally important to eat right and follow a protein rich diet. Knowing your body composition is also important to chart a proper diet pan. To build muscle, you need to fuel your body so that it gets the macros (proteins, fats and carbs) it requires, and you will know this from your body composition readings. Your nutritionist can help you find out what % muscle vs fat you are and translate the data into a proper diet plan to achieve your goals.
  • Take Time to Relax Too: Often people go to the extreme when they are trying to get fit. But it is important to ensure that you take enough rest also. Make sure you have one full day off exercising and catch up on sleep, go out with friends, and do whatever you like to do that isn’t diet and exercise related. This will boost your mental stability and also keep you motivated.

Weight loss and getting fit is a long process that require consistent effort, energy, motivation and good mental health. Make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, build your summer body, and strive to maintain your results long term.