How Busy Moms Can Set and Keep Realistic Fitness Goals

Busy Moms Fitness GoalsBeing a mom is a heavenly feeling, but the moment you become a mother, you will have new priorities and responsibilities. As a busy mom, including structured exercise and fitness programs in your daily planner is difficult. Staying fit, toned and healthy is important but with little time to spend at the gym, how do you achieve this? Experts say that you can do so by setting realistic fitness goals and using a few simple strategies.

  • Set a smart goal which is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. Start with a positive attitude and see that you move forward smoothly and steadily.
  • To start with, ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle. Make healthy eating a habit, though you can throw in a treat occasionally. In addition to a nutritious diet, portion control is also important.
  • Instead of throwing yourself into an exercise package, start off slowly with small workouts and gradually increase the time you spend on it.
  • Pre-planning can help you adjust the timings for the workout. Set plans for say, a week, and continue to do this every week.
  • Being active doesn’t just mean structured exercise. Spend time with your kids – play games, go grocery shopping, walk your dog. You can even work out in the park with them in tow. Walking is one of ideal ways to lose weight and keep it off and also enjoy the outdoors with your children.
  • When you go out or to the office, pack a healthy lunch from home and avoid processed foods. Also, don’t indulge in your children’s snacks – a few extra bites a day can end up as extra pounds at the end of month!

The most important thing is to set targets that suit your lifestyle and habits. If you are not used to getting out of bed early, don’t set any early morning fitness goals. Think of enjoyable and practical ways that will help you stay active and you will have a better chance of achieving your goals.