Rising Importance and Changing Perspectives of Health and Wellness

Regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones, improve respiratory and cardiovascular health, and overall well-being. As you age, staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. A healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and nutrition are the key to healthy living.

Importance and Changing Perspectives of Health and Wellness

Staying healthy is an important part of growing up and provides many physical and emotional benefits. Follow these tips to boost your health and wellbeing:

  • Keep yourself motivated: People usually tend to procrastinate when it comes to regular exercising. So it is important to stay motivated and exercise daily. Things that can help you to stay motivated to exercise:
    • You can set a role model for your children
    • Regular exercise minimizes the chances of illness
    • It will help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise properly:
    • Do at least 2½ hours of moderate-intensity or 1¼ hours of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity a week.
    • Include strength training using all of the major muscle groups for two days a week or more.
    • For additional health benefits, increase moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity to 5 hours a week.
  • Avoid excuses: If physical activity has never been your priority, start with moderate exercise and reasonable goals.

Staying healthy and living in an environmental friendly atmosphere is also essential for mental and emotional well being. It helps to subdue stress, reduces the risk of illness, and spread positivity around you.

Here some health and wellness trends we are likely to see in 2020:

  • Nutrition science will become more important: In 2019, there was a hike in plant based meat market driven by BurgerKing, Dunkin Donuts. In 2020, they are getting to the bottom of nutrition science.
  • Focus on the concept of cellular beauty: Skin care has evolved from topical applications to include diet and lifestyle. An mgblifestyle article predicts that advanced scientific supplements are taking over and that cellular beauty will rise in importance.
  • Eco anxiety will be on the rise: As more people grapple with fear about the environment, sustainable activism will be big in 2020. The younger generation will take up the cause of saving the planet led by the likes of Greta Thungberg.
  • Making down time productive time: Stress and anxiety is wreaking havoc on our mental and physical health. But people are waking up to the fact that stepping away from work to relax and de-stress is actually productive as it improves wellbeing.
  • Dopamine fasting is the new trend: Dopamine fasting often includes avoiding activities people generally find pleasurable like food, alcohol, social media, etc. This movement has taken over Silicon Valley and some people expect it to gradually spread across the world.
  • Sustainable packaging will become popular: In 2019, consumers were ready to reward companies that limited the plastic use. In 2020, many companies like Unilever, Pepsico, P&G are planning on delivering their products with environment- friendly packaging.
  • The term anti aging will cease to be relevant: People will no longer fight for external signs of aging. Instead, the focus will be on slowing the internal signs of aging. The focus will be on healthy aging and optimizing wellness of the mind and body in the long run.
  • New and clean cereals will take over: All the sugary and processed cereals will be replaced by healthy cereals by companies like Catalina Crunch, Magic Spoon, and The Cereal School.

Eating healthy, regular physical activity, managing stress and yearly physical check-ups with your doctor are all factors that contribute to your overall health and wellness. Assess your personal wellness goals and get started today because this will promote healthy aging, and help you live a longer and more independent life.