Simple Exercises to Shape Up the Arms

ExercisesWith toned and shapely arms, you can look attractive and confident in sleeveless dresses and many other outfits. Unfortunately, this is the area where most women tend to gain fat – mostly due to weight gain, lack of exercise, and other factors. Getting rid of fat in this area is not easy and a standard diet and exercise may not work. What is needed is a targeted approach or methods specifically directed towards toning the arms. Let’s take a look at the measures that experts recommend to target arm fat.

  • Have you tried swinging across a monkey bar? This simple but interesting activity is one of the best ways to shape up the arms. Just climbing across and back for 2-3 minutes can work wonders as it involves all the muscles around your shoulders. Going for a wide grip hang for as long as you can is a great exercise.
  • As you may know, swimming freestyle or butterfly are good exercises to shape up arms. For those who are not swimming experts, alternate options such as water fly can help. This is a simple activity: stand in shoulder depth water, place your arms at side, and thumbs up. Then you push the water, keeping the fingers closed and arms straight. Now return to the starting position by turning your thumbs down.
  • Do you know that yoga can help and shape your arms in addition to increasing flexibility? Downward dog is a great yoga pose that help you work your arm area. From a proper standing position, bend over from the waist. Walk both hands forward and make sure that your hips are high. Relax your shoulders after pressing your heels into the floor. Walk hands forward to plank position again after holding for 3-5 breaths.
  • Just like any other body area, burning calories can help you get slimmer, toned arms. Take a walk on an incline of ten percent or more for about 30 to 45 minutes. During the trek, try leaning forward while holding on to the handrails to give your arms a workout.
  • Simple stretching exercises are also a good option as they keep your joints moving freely while toning them too. You have to stretch your triceps with one arm up. Then push your arm behind your head, targeting the middle of your back. Use your other hand to gently press the elbow. Hold the position for about 10-30 seconds.

Along with these exercises, you have to switch to healthy dietary habits. It’s only when exercise and diet do not work that women turn to arm lift surgery to achieve their body contouring goals.