Top Food Choices for Better Breast Health

Breast HealthWith an increasing number of cases of breast cancer being reported every year, women are thinking about how they can improve breast health and reduce their disease risks. Experts say that a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a proper diet can go a long way in maintain breast health. Here is a list of the top foods recommended for good breast health:

  • Cruciferous Veggies: This includes broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens and all items that are high in Vitamin A and C. The antioxidants present in these vegetables help fight cancer by neutralizing the toxins and carcinogens. In addition to reducing the risk of developing breast cancer, these foods can even help prevent the disease from returning among breast cancer survivors.
  • Walnuts: A research report in the journal Nutrition and Cancer suggests that including walnuts in your diet could help thwart the growth of breast cancer.
  • Fiber: According to an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report, upping your fiber intake may help lower your risk of breast cancer. Commonly recommended fiber-rich foods include beans, barley, bulgur, lentils, peas, artichokes, dates and raspberries.
  • Turmeric: A popular Indian spice, turmeric is believed to arrest the spread of breast cancer while also reducing the damaging toxic effects of a widely used chemotherapy drug. Though it is not yet an active breast cancer treatment option, there is no harm in adding some turmeric to your daily diet.
  • Oily Fish: Fish that is high in omega 3 and vitamin D is a good choice to promote good breast health. Its anti-angiogenic effects can stop blood vessels from growing within a tumor. Common choices include anchovies, herring, mackerel, or sardines.

Other foods recommended for good breast health include coffee, parsley, olive oil, plums and peaches, plant-based protein, and flax seeds.