Top Wellness Trends You May Witness in 2019

Wellness Trends2018 marked the year of self-appreciation and it was the year of #selfcare – the hash tag that clocked up over 10 million posts on Instagram and this year, 2019, it looks as if this holistic mindset will continue to evolve. In an article in StyleBlueprint, professionals from different industries pointed out that personalization is the main trend everyone would follow, as it’s better to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of those around us. By understanding the emerging trends and following the guidelines provided by experts, you can keep abreast with popular trends and enjoy an overall sense of wellbeing.

Here are some trends people will focus on in the year 2019, according to the above-mentioned article.

Nutrition Trends

  • Ketogenic Diet and Veganism
    • The “Keto Diet” has been announced as the most searched diet in Google’s 2018 Year in Search and is currently the most popular weight loss trend. The diet is a high fat, moderate protein, very low carbohydrate diet that drives your body into ketosis, a state where the body uses fat as a primary fuel source. You can eat seafood (salmon, sardines, mackerel and other fatty fish), low-carb vegetables, cheese, avocados, meat and poultry, eggs, coconut oil, plain greek yogurt and cottage cheese, olive oil, nuts and seeds, berries, butter and cream, unsweetened coffee and tea, dark chocolate and cocoa powder.
    • Veganism is refraining from eating animal products that include eggs and dairy. In an article posted in, correspondent John Parker declared that 2019 would be the “year of the Vegan”.

Self Care Trends

  • Ayurveda and Personalized Wellness
    • Ayurveda is the science of life which has been around for thousands of years as India’s unique form of medicine. Ayurveda uses food, herbs, spices, lifestyle choices, times of day and seasons to help you find balance in mind, body and soul. And now, this ancient Indian healing approach has become the new trend as it encompasses various practices to help us feel well, including yoga and eating styles, depending on our body type.
    • Personalized wellness is focused on an individual’s mental and physical wellness rather than just diets and weight loss. According to Elizabeth Moore, CEO of Triluna, a wellness company, “as mental health continues to be an increased focus in the wellness world, we hope that this continues to influence our culture’s move towards more intuitive eating practices and holistic approaches to health.”

Fitness Trends

  • Weight-based Workouts, Restore/Recover, and HIIT
    • Ankle/wrist weights as well as weighted bars are becoming increasingly popular in New York and LA, which means weight-based workouts are the trend for 2019. Not only men, women are also embracing adding weights of all levels into their workouts and are witnessing increased strength, tone and other general health improvements. Combining weight-based workouts alongside other cross training is the best combination.
    • People are focusing more on the recovery aspect of performance for both physical and mental reasons. It is believed that if you don’t take the time to recover properly, then you can’t perform your best at anything – workouts, work or relationships.
    • Another wellness trend that could be at the forefront in 2019 is High-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is one of the most time-efficient ways to exercise and comes with several benefits such as burning fat, speeding up metabolism, less time required and so on. A new study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology suggests that performing high-intensity interval or sprinting exercise for a few minutes may be as beneficial as exercising at a moderate-intensity level for longer periods (

Beauty Trends

  • Customized Skincare

    According to Brielle Brenner, a hair and makeup artist, customization of skincare may become a mainstream trend in 2019. This started as a small trend over the last year where more direct to consumer (or Instagram advertised) beauty companies were providing people the option to get advice on what their personal skincare should be, and products were being organized and/or customized accordingly. Personalization becomes important because each and every person is unique, and our skin and our needs are also extremely unique. Combining the right products and customizing some of the main components could help transform your skin health for the better.

Apart from all these trends, from this year onwards, it’s best to realize that the ordinary things we do on a daily basis – such as gratitude, spending time with your family, having down time, unplugging from technology, laughing and having purpose and meaning in your life – could have an extraordinary positive effect on our health.