Wearing the Right Shoes Can Help Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Wearing Right ShoesAn ingrown toenail develops when the nails are not trimmed properly. The side of the nail digs into the skin and causes pain, swelling, and inflammation. Wearing shoes that do not fit are a common reason for this foot condition which can prove a major issue for people with diabetes or circulatory difficulties.

Cutting your nails straight across (instead of in a curve) can prevent ingrown nails and associated concerns. Here are some useful tips to buy shoes that fit:

  • When you’re buying shoes, take a tracing of your foot with you. Choose a pair that fits the tracing and is not shorter or narrower than it.
  • As your foot has a tendency to naturally expand with use during the day, shop for your shoes in the afternoon.
  • Make sure that you wear socks that fit your new shoes.
  • The measurement of your feet changes with age, and usually gets larger and wider. So have your feet measured before you buy a new pair.
  • To know if there is enough room for your feet in the new shoes, stand in the shoes and press gently on the top of the shoe. There should be at least half an inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Walk around in the shoes to find out how they feel. Choose a pair that fits comfortably right at the start, not one you think will improve with use.
  • Don’t give much importance to the size marked on the model as it can vary among manufacturers. Your comfort level is the most important thing.
  • Make sure the soles are sturdy enough to offer protection from sharp objects. Try walking on soft surface like a carpet as well as a hard surface to make sure they are comfortable.

You should pay special attention when buying shoes if you spend a considerable amount of time on your feet or have conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. Ask a podiatrist for more advice on how to choose the right pair.