What Can Be Done to Avoid Exercise Induced Headaches?

Avoid Exercise Induced HeadachesA good percentage of people in the country follow successful exercise regimens to stay fit and healthy. Including regular physical activity in your daily routine is always recommended by healthcare professionals as it is vital for you to lead a healthy life. However, doing it in the right way is important. Many people complain about headaches following exercise sessions and this would mostly result in a bad end to a good workout. Identifying the reason behind this exercise related migraine is important to find out a means of avoiding it. Sometimes the headache may be due to an abrupt drop of blood sugar during intense physical activity or else can be due to physical exertion of the body.

Here are some important considerations that can help you avoid exercise induced headaches and reap maximum benefits from regular exercise.

  • First of all go for a warm-up before attempting a serious exercise regimen. This would help your body to slowly work up to an active level and also help prevent muscle soreness that could lead to headaches.
  • Sometimes sudden exercise activity can trigger migraine. So it would be good if you can begin slowly and gradually increase the intensity to a level that you can tolerate.
  • A dehydrated body always responds poorly to stress and strain. So make it a habit to stay hydrated by drinking enough water when you are into exercise programs.
  • If you figure out that high intensity exercises are the reason why you are getting headaches, try out less forceful or lower-impact exercises and see if these are helping you improve.
  • Putting a stop to the exercise suddenly and then restarting the program all of a sudden can lead to headaches. So take effort to be more regular in your exercise regimen.
  • Have a look at your diet following your exercise session. Eating a full meal within an hour after workout is advisable. This meal should include enough proteins and starches that help to raise your blood sugar to normal levels.
  • Just like the warm-ups, remember to cool down after the workout session, or else it may trigger migraine.

If none of these is helping you, then go for medical help from your general practitioner and take prescribed medicines to see if you can tackle the migraine. However, don’t make it an excuse to opt out of the exercise program and see what you can do to get over the condition and benefit from a healthy life.