What Is The Best Time Of Day For Exercise?


We all know that exercise helps you stay fit and at a healthy weight. But what’s the right time of day to exercise? Many people believe that it can done only in the morning or in the evening. However, when juggling between busy schedules, most people find it difficult to stick to an exercise schedule. The best option could be to find a time that works best for you. Here’s what fitness experts have to say about the matter.

Early Exercise/ Morning Exercise

For early birds, morning is a suitable time for exercise. If you start your day with a workout, you will feel energetic throughout the day. You can do either strenuous exercises or light exercises like walking or cycling in the morning. Exercising in the morning also helps to create an impression that you accomplished something even before you started your day. However, morning exercise would be difficult for night owls.

Benefits of Morning Exercise

The benefits in exercising in the morning including increased blood flow, awakening of the nervous system, and feeling energetic. Studies show that male cyclists have more endurance and capacity in the morning than in the evening. Once you start workouts in the morning, it will become a habit.

Another advantage of doing exercise in the morning is that you would get a chance to breathe fresh air that is less polluted and also enjoy nature in all its freshness. Morning exercises also increase metabolism. It is estimated that you can burn about 20% of the body fat if you exercise on an empty stomach.

Drawbacks of Morning Exercise

Your body temperature would be the lowest for one to three hours after you awake. So, you wake up with low energy and blood flow. Joints can be stiff and muscles can inflexible in the morning. Also, a rigorous morning workout could cause midday fatigue. If you want to exercise in the morning, do warm-up exercises before gearing up for faster exercises.

Afternoon/Midday Exercise

Lunchtime exercise is another option. It means taking a short break in between your hectic work schedule and going for a short walk. You can also perform movements that don’t require heavy apparel.

Benefits of Mid-Day Exercise

Midday exercise would help you to take a break from stressful work.  Take short walks by yourself to relax or along with your co-workers. This is a good option to socialize and develop a healthy relationship with them.

Another advantage of mid-day exercise or walking is that it would improve blood flow to the brain and relieve stress. Light physical activity during lunch time can improve the metabolism by burning calories.

Drawbacks of Mid-Day Exercise

Not everyone can engaging in physical activity during the lunch break, especially if it’s a short break.

Evening Exercise

Many people prefer exercising in the evening. It is considered the most feasible time for exercise.

Benefits of Evening Exercise

After a tiring day, exercise can help relax and energize your body and mind. It also helps you sleep better. Research has shown that exercising at night will help you find more energy for cardio and strength training than in the morning.  Also, when you exercise in the evening and sleep well, you will wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

Drawbacks of Evening Exercise

You may experience sleep problems if you exercise too late into the night. The darkness or cold may make it impossible to run or cycle outdoors and the gym may be too crowded. You may also end up cutting down your workout because you are too tired in the evening.

Exercise helps you stay fit all through your life. However, if you want to engage in rigorous workouts make sure to do so only under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Find a time of day that works best for you!