Jawline Procedures Gaining Popularity Among Men

Jawline ProceduresSagging skin in the area between the jaw and neck is one of the biggest aesthetic concerns of men in their 40s and 50s. A weakened jaw line is the result of bone reabsorption due to the aging process, while a receding chin is often hereditary. A well-defined chin is considered indicative of youthfulness and masculinity and a person with a strong chin and jaw line is expected to be determined and decisive. It’s no wonder that plastic surgeons are reporting an increase in patients who want to resolve sagging skin in the lower half of the face and neck – issues that can be resolved with jaw sculpting.

A jaw lift can address various conditions – a wide, square or heavy lower jaw line, sagging jowls, loose muscles, excess fat and wrinkles. With the rising demand for the treatment, plastic surgery practices are offering various techniques to help men achieve their goals. These include chin implants and various minimally invasive procedures like ultrasound therapy and dermal fillers which are becoming increasingly popular as there are no stitches or scars involved. SmartLipo laser liposuction is considered ideal when it comes resolving a double chin or loose skin around the neck as it melts excess fat and tightens the skin. Botox injections can also help redefine the jaw line and provide a more youthful facial contour. Jaw augmentation can set right a jaw that is too small, and reduction surgery for a jaw that is too large. A non-invasive treatment to get rid of excess body fat, fat freezing or CoolSculpting will soon be available for the neck and face.

Most of these minimally invasive procedures take little time to complete – about an hour or less. Though results from fillers are immediate, treatment would usually need to be repeated every year.

According to a recent report, one study indicated that a strong jaw is a hallmark of chief executives. An evaluation of the photos of the chief executives (women included) in the Top 50 Fortune 500 companies revealed that about 90 percent had non-receding to prominent chins. In a competitive workplace, men want to be seen as having these traits. Movie superheros and actors with strong jaws are also spurring the interest in jawline procedures among men.

A strong jawline and chin are considered masculine feature and can have a profound effect on facial contour and self esteem. A well defined jawline complements other features and brings harmony to the face. In fact, it is reported that, among men, jawlifts rank second in popularity after liposuction.