Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures for Teens

Earlier, cosmetic surgery procedures to improve the overall appearance were mostly the prerogative of celebrities. At present, common people are also coming forward to utilize advanced cosmetic surgery treatments to regain a youthful appearance. It is quite interesting to note that cosmetic surgery procedures are attracting teens as well now. The good results offered by various procedures can have a positive impact on their physical and emotional development.

According to the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) statistics of procedures performed in 2012, some of the common procedures teens choose to undergo include the following.

  • Otoplasty – to improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear
  • Rhinoplasty – to enhance the nasal appearance and improve the breathing function
  • Breast reduction – sculpt the overly developed breasts to help resolve back and shoulder pain, and restriction of physical activity
  • Correction of breast asymmetry – performed when the shape and size of the two breasts differ from each other, so as to make them proportionate.
  • Treatment of Gynecomastia – teenage boys who are self conscious about their excessive breast development can undergo the treatment to restore their masculine appearance.

However, young candidates for cosmetic surgery must be very cautious when deciding on a cosmetic surgery treatment and most importantly taking the assistance of parents would be appropriate. They must be sure about the credentials of the plastic surgeon providing the treatment. More importantly, treatment should be sought for body parts that are fully developed. This is to avoid interference in their natural growth; moreover, one may miss getting the maximum benefits surgery if the particular part continues development. Youngsters must also have the maturity to understand the benefits and limitations of the proposed surgery, and should have realistic expectations about the outcome.