Recovery after EmbraceRF – What to Expect

Factors such as aging, weight gain, hormonal changes and lifestyle choices can bring about changes in facial appearance. You might notice skin laxity and excess fat accumulation in the lower face and neck area, the areas that tend to get affected first. EmbraceRF in NYC is a new breakthrough, one-time facial contouring procedure that can address these issues and rejuvenate the face and neck area safely and effectively. What’s makes this scarless facial procedure attractive for many people is that it can provide results similar to a conventional facelift, but with much shorter recovery time.

EmbraceRFA conventional facelift in NYC or liposuction treatment can improve facial appearance. However, not everyone would benefit from these procedures. For example, “treatment gap patients” are those who do not have bad enough skin for a facelift and not good enough skin elasticity for liposuction. Similarly, not everyone would want to go under the knife for facial contouring. Today’s cutting-edge, minimally-invasive facelift procedures are the ideal option for such patients. Innovative techniques allow cosmetic surgeons to provide attractive, natural-looking outcomes with hardly any surgical trauma and downtime.

EmbraceRF was invented by plastic surgeons in NYC with extensive experience in performing radiofrequency-assisted cosmetic procedures. The procedure treats skin laxity and excess fat accumulation in the face and neck area caused by factors such as aging, genetics, weight gain and loss, sun exposure and gravity – without surgery. EmbraceRF is unique in that it combines radiofrequency-assisted FaceTite and Morpheus8, a new FDA-approved technology for “subdermal adipose sculpting” or strategic fat remodeling. It allows the surgeon to preserve fat and tighten skin or remold the fat to improve definition of the jaw line, jowls and neck, while retaining the fullness necessary to maintain a youthful appearance. With EmbraceRF, women and men in their thirties and up can expect surgical-like results.

One of the major advantages of the procedure is that recovery is easier when compared to the traditional face lift. EmbraceRF takes just about an hour to perform. Because neither FaceTite nor Morpheus8 are true “surgical” procedures, patients usually experience little or no pain after the procedure and the recovery time is relatively short. This office procedure is performed in approximately 45 minutes using local anesthesia or mild sensation, and has a downtime of about 48 hours or a long weekend. There are no stitches to remove and patients can return to their homes shortly after the treatment.

During the post-op period, patients would be advised to:

  • Sleep with their head elevated for the first few nights
  • Apply ice over the dressing
  • Eat softer food and drink plenty of water
  • Return to normal routine and light activity based on individual comfort criteria
  • Avoid heavy exercise for the time the surgeon recommends

After the dressing is removed, you would be instructed to wear a compression garment or elastic band to support the neck. If you experience any unusual discomfort, contact your plastic surgeon immediately.

Even though there is little downtime associated with Embrace, some sort of bruising, swelling, and tenderness on the treated area is to be expected, which will subside over time. EmbraceRF results are visible immediately, with best results are seen after 6 weeks, and continuing to improve up to 12 months.

If you are looking for a solution for sagging skin and a “turkey neck” and think you might benefit from EmbraceRF in NYC, find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that have skilled and well-trained plastic surgeons in the procedure. When performed by a skilled surgeon, EmbraceRF distinctly improves aesthetic concerns in the lower face and neck.