Brazilian Butt Surgery in NYC – An Innovative Approach to Enhance Your Derriere

Brazilian Butt Surgery in NYCBrazilian butt surgery procedure that is so popular in the cosmetic surgery field and a great way to improve the volume and contour of your buttocks. Women planning for this surgery can undergo this procedure at an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice in NYC under the supervision of a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon.

One of the recent studies based out of Belgium has put forward a novel technique to large-volume gluteal augmentation. This new approach combines power-assisted liposculpting and fat harvesting around the buttock with autologous fat transfer. Surgeons specialized in the procedure perform the treatment using vibration and tunnelization. The study appeared in the November 2015 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

The surgeons involved in the study evaluated 110 patients who underwent buttock augmentation. For these individuals, power-assisted liposuction was used to perform liposculpting and fat harvesting. The transfer of the fat to the butt area was done by simultaneous power-assisted vibration and tunnelization. The duration of the procedure varied with individual cases and ranged from 1 to 2 hours. The volume of fat removed through liposuction differed with individuals – 1400 to 5000 mL. Similar is the case for injection volumes that ranged from 300 to 900 mL per side for each session.

All these cases were monitored for an average of 20 months (range, 12 to 48 months). Here are the main findings of the study.

  • A burning sensation was reported by 5 among the 110 patients
  • Persistent lower-back swelling was reported by three of the total individuals
  • Only one of these patients experienced a mild infection
  • The observations and patient input obtained six months after the treatment showed that power-assisted gluteal augmentation with autologous fat is an efficient, safe and reproducible procedure
  • The procedure produced an aesthetically pleasing gluteal contour.

Talking on the new approach, the study co-author pointed out that “Autologous fat grafting to the buttocks has become popular during the past decade because it is versatile and associated with a lower complication rate than gluteal implantation…This technique enhances tissue competency for large-volume fat grafting by decreasing the operative time without compromising the safety of the procedure.”

Brazilian Butt Lift – Choose a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Butt LiftThe posterior plays a very important role in defining the female body. Perky buttocks and the sensuous curve created by the waist and hips are considered signs of a feminine body. While butt implants are the conventional option, women now have a more effective, safe, natural one which uses their own fat for the augmentation – the Brazilian butt lift. It’s no wonder that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have attracted so much attention with their ample derrieres, inspiring thousands of other women into getting plastic surgery to enhance their booty.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), buttock augmentation is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedures. With the increase in demand, established surgical practices in cities across the U.S. offer the procedure. However, the popularity of the procedure has also resulted in emergence of cheap alternatives – butt injections using unauthorized fillers. In addition to causing serious medical problems, such injections can even prove fatal, as revealed by recent reports.

The first right step towards a safe and optimal outcome for butt enhancement is finding qualified plastic surgeon who is specialized and experienced in the performing the procedure. While avoiding the risks associated implants, the Brazilian butt lift has the advantage that it provides natural looking results.

About 11,505 gluteal augmentation with fat grafting procedures were performed in 2014, showing an increase of 15 percent from 2013. The procedure involves removing fat from the abdomen, flanks or thighs via liposuction and injecting it into the buttocks to enhance projection and contour.

When it comes to female posterior contour, the buttocks cannot be viewed in isolation. Flaws above and below the buttock can impair the gluteal projection. The waist and adjoining areas must be contoured effectively to achieve the desired results.

New York is a good place to look for plastic surgeons who have mastered this butt augmentation technique. Do your research well and choose an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice in New York City that has surgeons with expertise in performing the Brazilian butt lift. Such surgeons would first conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your candidature for the treatment. Generally, to be an ideal candidate for a fat transfer procedure, you should have donor sites from which fat can be taken. You should also be healthy, with no circulation problems. Surgeons in established NYC plastic surgery practices use advanced techniques and resources to provide optimal outcomes.

Why the Brazilian Butt Lift is Preferred to Butt Implants

A rounded, firm and well-shaped posterior enhances a woman’s overall body contour and makes her look good in swimwear. Achieving this is possible with artificial butt implants or a Brazilian butt lift, the procedure that uses the woman’s own fat to enhance her buttocks. While many plastic surgeons in New York City offer both these options, the fat grafting method is becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons why.

Women who have excess fat in areas such as the hips, thighs, and flanks are ideal candidates for the Brazilian butt augmentation. Fat tissues are moved from the donor site using minimally invasive liposuction techniques, and purified and processed. The fat grafts are then injected into specific areas in the buttocks so as to achieve the desired volume and contour. Proper placement of the fat is ensured with the use of advanced diagnostic imaging modalities. This procedure provides natural looking results as it uses the patient’s own fat. Moreover, the process of fat harvesting improves the hip-to-waist ratio while enhancing the shape of the derriere.

Another advantage of the fat transfer option is that it avoids the complications associated to implants such as implant rupture, implant displacement, fluid collection, and capsular conjecture. Implant surgery may require additional procedures to correct implant-related complications. Moreover, butt implants have to be replaced after a few years. There would be scars and results may not be as attractive and natural looking as with the Brazilian butt lift.

Gluteal augmentation also has a much shorter recovery time than the more invasive implant procedure and patients can get back to normal activity sooner. It is the ideal option for women who want to avoid having foreign material inserted into their bodies. In a professional NYC surgical practice, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia, reducing patient risks. There would only be minimal discomfort and only reduced chances of rejection as your own tissue is used.