What to Expect after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

What to Expect after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a great way to achieve a curvy, sensual body profile and a youthful, lifted look. Plastic surgeons offering BBL surgery in NYC are experts in performing this buttock augmentation procedure that combines liposuction and fat grafting. This procedure is an ideal solution for women whose buttocks are flat, small, asymmetrical, saggy, or disproportionate due to massive weight loss. Women who are generally unhappy about the appearance of their derriere can also opt to have BBL. When performed by an expert surgeon, the procedure provides attractive, natural-looking results. Here are some important things you should know about the recovery phase and life after BBL:

  • Butt shape and volume will appear quite enhanced in the initial phase  Immediately after the procedure, the appearance of the buttocks will be quite enhanced. There are two reasons for this: the post-operative swelling which is normal, and the overfilling of the buttocks by the surgeon to compensate for drop off some of the transferred fat. Based on patient goals, a good amount of fat in the order of several hundred CCs or even more per buttock may be needed. This is because not all of the fat will survive no matter how carefully the surgeon performs fat transfer. Due to the swelling and overfilling of fat, the buttocks will look quite enhanced in the initial post-op phase. Pain and swelling can be managed with prescribed medications.  To maximize the survivability of the graft take, patients are advised to minimize the amount of pressure or sitting or time spent sitting. Once it settles and matures over time, the fat will last several years or longer.
  • Follow recovery instructions diligently – Each person’s body responds differently to procedures, so there is no set time for recovery. Your surgeon will advise you on how long you need to wear the compression garment, based on a variety of factors, especially how well your skin is contracting. For smooth recovery and the best results, you need to follow all of the recovery tips and instructions that your surgeon gives you, including sleeping on your stomach for six weeks and using your BBL pillow when sitting. You can return to work in as little as a few days or in two weeks.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help keep your butt looking perky and firm. After healing and the establishing fat cells, the shape of your butt will be permanent and the fat cells will work like any other fat cells in the body. If you lose weight, you may lose some of the volume in the buttocks as the fat shrinks and if you put on weight, the fat in your buttocks may grow. Therefore, staying at a healthy weight by exercising regularly and eating right is the best way to maintain the results from your BBL surgery and liposuction. Doing aerobic exercises along with squats with or without weights as well as other strength-training exercises for your muscle groups will help you continue to look and feel your best.

As BBL involves removing excess fat from areas or arm pit, the mid back of bra rolls, flanks, outer thighs, inner thighs, and abdomen through liposuction, the procedure slims down these areas. A skilled NYC plastic surgeon can reshape these areas in a way that it decreases waist size and improves the projection of the buttocks even before the fat is injected.