Easy Exercises for the Elderly to Improve Stability and Prevent Falls

Easy Exercises ElderlyOlder adults are more often at risk of falling or tripping and it can easily lead to broken bones or even more serious injuries. Making your muscles stronger and more flexible, improving your balance and increasing how long you can be active are all important to minimize the possible risks of trips and falls. Considering some simple exercises that you can do anytime and almost anywhere would help to make that practical. This in turn helps to build up your confidence and maintain your independence.

  • It is important to do some balance exercises during everyday activities. You can try balancing on 1 foot while waiting in line at the store or try sitting down and standing up without using your hands.
  • Walking is a great way to improve your strength, balance, and endurance. Try walking on uneven ground, such as sand or gravel once you get stronger. Better use a walking stick or walker initially if you need support.
  • Leg extension can strengthen your thigh muscles and possibly reduce knee pain. This is a simple exercise you can do by sitting in a straight-back chair with your feet on the floor. Simply straighten one leg out in front of you as much as possible and slowly lower your leg back down.
  • Grapevine is a good exercise for the elderly to minimize the chance of tripping over one’s own feet when changing direction. It also improves your ability to sidestep around objects.
    • Simply stand with your arms at your sides and feet together.
    • Step across in front of your left foot with the right leg, and continue to step sideways uncrossing the right leg.
    • Then reverse and cross your right leg behind your left leg and continue to step sideways, uncrossing the left leg.
  • Balancing a wand is a fun and easy-to-do exercise which is a great workout to improve eye – hand coordination. Simply hold a wand in your dominant hand and focus at the top of the wand and begin balancing. Once you are comfortable, try balancing with your non-dominant hand, on the back of your hand, and with both hands together.
  • In order to make your calves and ankle muscles stronger, toe stand is a good option.

Improving balance and building strength can be done with simple movements and exercises in a swimming pool and you can even try doing Tai Chi. There are a lot more exercise options for the elderly. Don’t rush into the workouts altogether. Try one at a time and if needed you can get the help of a trainer to do it the right way.