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Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Rising Popularity of Plastic Surgery

In its early stages, plastic surgery was mainly reconstructive in nature – to repair an injured or damaged feature like a nose that lost its shape due to an accident. Today, the scenario is entirely different. Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular among people of all ages who want it for cosmetic reasons. In fact, … Read More about Plastic Surgery

Is Breast Reduction Surgery for You?

Many women anguish over breast size, but for some women, having large breasts is a curse, not a blessing. Women with breasts that are too large sometimes complain of pain in the head, neck and shoulders and back, leading to poor posture and even emotional stress. Oversized breasts are also associated with skin irritation, breathing… Read More about Breast Reduction Surgery

Celebrity Inspired Plastic Surgery Is on the Rise

Plastic surgery is opening up new possibilities. New and improved plastic surgery techniques are now making it possible for anyone to look the way they want to. The recent spate of celebrity-inspired plastic surgeries is proof of this. Over the past year, celebrities have had a big impact on the cosmetic surgery scenario. Improving your… Read More about Celebrity Inspired Plastic Surgery

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